Why drones are the future of Business

In the technology rich world we live in today is particularly hard to find a field of work where drones don’t have an affect. This is because eventually drones will change everything. To anyone who is confused to what a drone is, it is any unmanned air vehicle or a miniature aircraft controlled by someone on the ground and therefore pilotless. At Blue Whale Media we have managed to find a gap in the market with drone video technology and used it as a service. This service can be great for people to showcase their business from the skies.


Through the increase of drones there is a high chance that employment could go up as new jobs will be introduced. Although some jobs might go away they will be replaced with better jobs. As drones a very technically advanced they will be great for gathering information for analytical roles. The lower level jobs of data gathering may go up as more drones get introduced.  It is estimated that we will have around 7 million drones in the air by 2020 with commercial drone sales being around the 2.7 million mark.

 Commercial purposes

As briefly mentioned blue whale media has introduced its new drone service. A lot of commercial drones are being sold worldwide for photography and videography purposes. From a business perspective it is great as more drones are getting used commercially. They are getting increasingly popular in sectors such as agriculture, construction, media, real estate and even delivery as amazon try to change the future of getting packages from A to B.

Drones will help save lives

When people hear the drones could potentially save lives they instantly think of the emergency services. Although they will be used with the emergency services, they will also be able to take away the dangerous jobs that humans are doing currently.  For example roof inspecting can be quite a dangerous especially with taller buildings.  This is something the drones can do not only safely but quickly as well. 


As previously mentioned drones will be massive in the delivery sector. Amazon is working hard to make this possible. The drones are set to be able to travel 15 miles with packages weighing around 2.3kg. Safety systems will be put in place so drones do not collide with other airspace users or obstacles that could be in there way. Without these precautions drone delivery would almost be impossible.

Bad perception

A lot of people nowadays have a bad perception of drones as they think they cause more trouble then good. This reasons above show they’re not and essentially they will be a big part of our future. Obviously some situations involving airports have allowed this bad perception to creep in but drone manufactures are working har to reduce these risks and make drones safer.  In my opinion the pros of drone technology do outweigh the cons and therefore I think they will be a greater addition to future advancements.