Is DuckDuckGo Good for SEO?

DuckDuckGo is one of the newest kids on the block. It’s a search engine that does not track personal information of searchers. And that’s one of the reasons why it already takes in more than 14 million queries a day.

Sure, that figure is nowhere close to Google’s or Yahoo’s. But DuckDuckGo is here to stay. The search engine owes its success largely to its commitment to protecting users’ privacy as well as anonymity. This is something that no other search engine delivers on.

With so many users relying on DuckDuckGo for their search, the question is whether the browser is good for SEO or should you do something in particular to rank in its search results?

The answer to the question “is DuckDuckGo good for SEO?” is straightforward and simple. Yes! Any SEO strategy that you devise targeting other Bing and Google will work for DuckDuckGo too.

Our website design Cheshire team explores.

Google Vs DuckDuckGo

There’s a major difference between the young David and the giant Goliath of search engines. Where one completely disregards privacy of its users to target the right ads at them, the other puts privacy first and does not track its users at all. Speak to our website design Cheshire agency today to build a website optimise for Google as well as DuckDuckGo.

Local Search

Another major difference is in terms of local search. The Duck doesn’t track its users’ location as part of its privacy guarantee it uses the IP address for its local search results. However, Google uses your precise location for its search to deliver targeted results.

However, this may not be a huge deal breaker for most users. However, if you optimise your site for say Cheshire, Warrington and not for Tarporley, your Cheshire users may not find your site in Duck results.

So the solution is to optimise at hyper local level in addition to regional level. But this is something that you must be doing anyway, in which case you are sorted for DuckDuckGo results.

Content Mills

One thing to note about DuckDuckGo is that it keeps away all sites that it considers “content mills” from its search listings. This filter is essentially aimed at websites that are huge on content like “eHow”. However, if you publish a lot of content to your site but without any control for quality, you might be filtered out too.

Blue Whale Media Can Help

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