Easy ways to promote your business on Facebook

Easy Ways To Promote Your Business On Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most popular names in the marketing world and continues to offer its services to many businesses around the world. With Facebook, they cater for everyone so you can do a lot for free which is perfect for start up businesses but you can also put some money into Facebook marketing which is great for companies that want to go that extra mile. Whichever way you decide to go, there are many easy ways to promote your business on Facebook. Want to find out more? Carry on reading!

Business Page

One of the first things to do in Facebook marketing is to set up a business page for your company. This might sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many people are still using their personal page. Setting up a business account will not only allow you to appear professional online but it will also give you more features to play with. For example, you can have as many people as you want liking your page rather than having to add people as friends. It is also great if you want multiple people to have access to your page like your employees or an external digital agency. This allows you to have more accessibility and overall better look for your company.

Brand Presence

Whenever you promote your business on Facebook, you want to make sure that everything is fully branded in the correct way. By doing this, it allows you to create a personality online and be fully recognisable to your target audience. Once people can start putting a face to the name, it means the trust can build between customer and company. In the long run, this will benefit your business as people can recommend you to others as you will be a well known name within the industry. To successfully promote your brand on Facebook, you need to ensure you have a logo present on your page as well as branded graphics that you post regularly.

Social media marketing on Facebook

Facebook Groups

Facebook offers many different ways to promote your brand and it actually has an area where you can successfully network with other businesses and potential customers. Facebook groups are available for a variety of industries, professions and common interests. For businesses, it’s a great opportunity to promote your services/products to a group of people that are within your local area or interested in your business. This can help your marketing campaigns a lot as you know you are promoting to the right people.


Even though Facebook adverts might not be the easiest thing to understand, it does provide a higher opportunity for gaining more customers. This is due to the detailed customisation available through the Facebook advert system as you can decide on specific demographics of the audience who your advert will be shown to. Facebook also gives you the option to display different types of adverts depending on what result you want to see. At first, it might seem a bit daunting with all the choices that are shown to you but once you set your basic ones up, it can become the easiest way to promote on Facebook.

Need more help?

Now you know what options are available for Facebook marketing, it’s time to start putting your plan to action. However, we understand that you might not always have the time to work on your Facebook campaign which is why our team is here to help. Speak to our marketing experts to figure out the best way to get your message across and we can even do the work for you!

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