Eclipse Digital Wins Security Integrator of the Year

We are incredibly proud to say that one of our brilliant clients, Eclipse Digital, has won their first award! (The first of many, we’re sure). We love to celebrate our client’s success, and this is no exception.

Eclipse Digital came to us here at Blue Whale looking for a new website that will help them boost their rankings on Google and other search engines. We provided them with a brilliant website that helps them achieve their goal.

Security Integrator of the Year

The ‘Security Integrator of the Year’ award was presented to Eclipse for their demonstration of networking skills and the ability to integrate network video with other security and operational systems. With over 1,000 of their industry’s practitioners gathered at the awards ceremony, Eclipse Digital topped them all.

Through hard work comes many rewards, and we believe that Eclipse will be seeing many more successes throughout their time in their industry.

Security and Fire Excellence Awards

This prestigious award is given to companies who show particular vigour and success in their fields throughout the year. With awards like Event Security Team of the Year and Security Consultancy of the Year, it truly is a privilege for Eclipse to receive an award of their own to flaunt!

This awards ceremony has been running for six years and has seen many successful and incredible firms and companies. The Security Integrator of the Year award is a new addition to the list, which makes Eclipse’s win an even bigger achievement!

Go to Eclipse’s Website Today

We highly recommend Eclipse Digital Solutions. Their highly effective services allow each client to see tremendous results through working with them and are highly thought of within their industry.

If you’re looking for a digital mitigation service that has your wellbeing in mind and is highly professional in everything they do, then Eclipse Digital Solution is an incredible way to go. You will be working with an award-winning digital mitigation company! Get you.

Look Out for More Client Achievements on Our Website

We’re incredibly proud of Eclipse Digital Solutions for achieving such a fantastic feat in their careers and wish them all the best in the future. We post all our client’s successes on our website, too! If you’re interested in seeing who else has achieved brilliant successes within their sectors, then be sure to go to our blog to read more.

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