How to make your customers happy with your eCommerce website

Happy Customer Equals Happy Business

If you think your business is running well and you have nothing to worry about, you better do a double-check. Even if you have associated yourself with the wholesale e-commerce market, you still have your competitors eyeing your strategies. And there may even come a time when you start losing your customers to your competitions. Not a pretty picture, right? 

Being part of a fierce business, it is always important to update yourself with all the latest trends and products in the market. Through this, you will understand what is selling in the market and how people sell it. There are specific strategies that no one will say out loud to you. You need to observe, understand and learn.

Value your customers 

Running a business in an e-commerce platform does not only mean you have to sell your products. Your significant attention needs to be on your customers too. You need to know them and try to understand what they want or expect out of your products. Going through customer feedback, reading both good and bad reviews and trying to make the best out of all is a good start.

Test Product

It will be a waste of money if you produce many products that might not all sell out. The trick is, you make small batches of products which can be test products. This way, you can analyse what works and what does not. Also, some customers are not interested in purchasing in bulk. So, if you sell test products, many customers will be inclined to try them and come back next time if the outcome is good. 

Another interesting outlook about test products is that they create a vibe of exclusiveness. Meaning, if your products are limited and not available in bulk, many customers will find your product attractive, and the chances of everything SELLING OUT is 100%.

Use the third party

In e-commerce platforms, the website provides the latest technologies and features for better customer service. But as a business owner, it is not your job to work on building apps that may help boost the website. Use a third party, such Manchester’s professional eCommerce website design company, who deals with tools and software for better functioning of the website. Don’t waste your energy and time on other activities which may divert you from your business and customers.

Brand advocates

Having a business and a recognised brand is recommendable, but identifying the people who advocate your brand and celebrating them is highly remarkable. Your brand advocates can be customers who write good reviews about your product, promotes your brand on other platforms, or are your regular customers. 

It is also a great option to use social media platforms to create brand recognition. Collaborating with influencers will only help in reaching out to more audiences.


It is an individual’s choice to decide on how to create strategies to run the business. But you cannot ignore the fact that your customers are also responsible to run your business.