Best Email Marketing Practices for 2020

Whether you’re new to email marketing or consider yourself an expert, you’re likely to want the same, which is to send the best email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is more relevant in eCommerce landscape than ever before and it will continue to play an integral role in generating revenue for businesses in years to come.

Here are ways you can deep dive into actionable email marketing practice from a marketing company Warrington:

Truly connect with your audience

In the modern age of digital marketing and website design, you need to create email marketing campaigns that truly connect with each recipients’ interest – your audience.

Using website analytics will help ensure that you’re sending the right communication to the right people. The more information you have about your audience, the better you can provide tailored services and conduct a more successful email marketing campaign in 2020.

Grab your audience’s attention, and keep them interested

Today’s consumers are multi-taskers – they always scroll through their news feeds as well as checking for work-related email. The competition for attention is greater than ever so you need to formulate creative ways to grab attention in order to deliver your message. Your emails should be centered on topics that are interesting or relevant to your customer base. People will opt-out of your mailing list if they don’t resonate with them in some way.

Customize your blasts

Email marketing tools – much like tweets and Instagram ads – should speak directly to a specific reader. There’s no better way of doing this than by customising the content of your emails. By knowing your readers, it’ll be easier to tailor your emails, follow-ups, and reminders. People who receive your emails are keen to receive informative yet concise messages with appealing images. A great way to do this is with infographics because they can also easily share with their circle.

Limit your email blasts

Did you know that the average office worker receives 121 emails per day?

You don’t want your message to be sent to the spam folder because you’ve been a little too enthusiastic in contacting your subscribers.

People have signed up for your updates and newsletters because they ”re interested in your brand, products, or services, so keep them connected rather than bombarding them with emails.

Craft catchy subject lines or headlines

Email subject lines are essential to get right as readers can easily ignore or delete your email with a dull or clickbaity headline. Your writing should sound more like a conversation than generic marketing content.

MailChimp conducted an email marketing study in which they found: short, descriptive subject lines best entice readers. Try to include words that suggest urgency, ask a question or challenge a common notion; you could also send out interactive menus, image sliders, quizzes, polls, and games.

As technology continues to improve and deliver a more complex ability, it’s no longer a matter of being left behind but a question of being left out entirely.

Things are changing and depending on what tweaks you make to your email marketing strategy; you can make 2020 your most effective year ever for marketing.