Email Marketing Campaign Tips For Black Friday

Email Marketing Campaign Tips For Black Friday

Yes, it is that time of the year again, and we aren’t talking about Christmas. We are referring to the much-awaited Black Friday sales that are coming up. So, it is time to put your email strategies into use here for drawing customers in. At Blue Whale Media, we are sure that you and your team know what to do, but these tips will be beneficial for your email marketing campaign.

Listen & Plan Ahead

When Black Friday starts to approach, every single shopper is bombarded by email offers and promotions. So, you must set a clear goal and create a profitable strategy that will target your audience. Go through these pointers and reassess your strategy:

  • What worked and didn’t work for you so well the previous Black Friday?
  • The things that your competitors did last year.
  • Are you interested in focusing on online sales or wishes to direct customers to your physical store instead?
  • The products that were quite popular in the previous weeks.
  • Audience segmentation for sending the correct content to them.

The Correct Email Template

A sale campaign that looks average will nullify all the great prices and deals. You need to understand that many shoppers don’t like emails that have a lot going on. Ensure that you stick with a neat and straightforward structure that has columns. Begin aligning fonts and the message size, also on the CTA buttons that you will use, ensure that they appear clear with contrasting colours.

Avoid Being Mysterious

You shouldn’t send emails, which focuses only on the discount. Why? Well, because your potential customers are made up of both people who know you and those that don’t. It is important always to showcase your products as well.

A Sense of Urgency

Black Friday deals are always time-sensitive. Ensure that you use an email copy with pictures that bring a sense of urgency among the subscribers. It will increase and improve the open as well as the click-through rates because no buyer wants to miss out on such deals and discounts. Make sure to include pictures of your products too.

Respecting Brand Identity

There will be tons of competition during Black Friday, so make sure to stand out by allowing your customers to connect and relate with your brand. Start brainstorming with your team to promote a specific item uniquely. Seek excellent marketing messages with your copywriters. Also, utilise colours, graphics, and illustrations for reflecting the identity of your brand.

Inbox Standout

There will be tons of Black Friday emails in the inbox of your shoppers. So, make sure to stand out by including interactive accordions and carousels, GIFs, videos, shopping directly within the email, and countdown timers. It is also an intelligent move to reward your subscribers with exclusive promotions and deals. You should offer giveaways, along with the Black Friday deals. It is also important to start encouraging referrals within the email’s body to grow your list of contacts.