Why Email Marketing is so Important

With all of the digital marketing tactics at your disposal, you may be wondering, what is the importance of email marketing? And is there any future in email marketing for small businesses? Short answer, YES! Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your audience. In fact, the importance of email marketing is so great that it’s recommended that most businesses develop a plan for implementation by 2020.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email is a big part of our lives as professionals, individuals, and, yes, even consumers. Think about this, how many people do you know without an email address? There’s a good chance that you can count these people on one hand. According to a 2018 Radicati Group study, there will be more than 3.8 billion email users before the start of 2019, over 100 million more than the previous year. Not only does email marketing allow you to take advantage of the prospect of reaching a large group of people, but this medium can also offer benefits that other digital marketing tactics can’t provide.

Cost Effective

No matter what new tactics or strategies arise in the next few years in the digital marketing world, one thing will always remain the same. Companies need to find tactics that allow them to maximize their marketing budget while still achieving their overall goals. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies that you can use to reach and engage your target audience.

Reach more mobile customers with email marketing

The number of consumers using mobile devices on a daily basis continues to climb. In fact, Statista predicts that the number of worldwide mobile phone users is expected to surpass five billion by the year 2019. With two-thirds of emails being read on smartphones or tablets, email marketing proves to be an effective tactic for helping businesses reach and engage those consumers that are using their mobile device.

You can quickly and easily measure your email marketing efforts

The only way to know if a digital marketing tactic is working for your business is to measure the results. With email marketing analytics, your business can see which users opened your emails, if they clicked any links, or if they took the desired action. You can also see how many people unsubscribed from your list after opening the email. This information becomes valuable as you work to analyse your digital marketing strategy and make adjustments for improvement.

Start Growing Your Business with Email Marketing by Blue Whale Media

Blue Whale Media’s email marketing service is a complete service for your online mailing list, creating custom newsletters, managing subscriber lists and converting email readers into clients. With a median ROI of 122%, email is the highest returning marketing format including social media and paid searches. A robust email marketing strategy is the best way of building a community of subscribers actively following your company’s latest products and services. Here at Blue Whale Media, we believe in crafting bespoke, brand-specific email marketing campaigns that will bolster more than just your email subscriber count. Contact us today on 01925 552 050.

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