Why is email marketing is so powerful?

In today’s day and age, email is the primary contact for any businesses to get in touch with each other. Normally this would be for general conversation or a means of contacting other businesses. People believe that social media is the most effective way of marketing due to the vast numbers involved however the total number of worldwide email accounts blows social platforms out of the water with a staggering 3.9 billion users in 2013. This why businesses tend to use email marketing as a way to draw new business and custom.

Custom Email Designs

With platforms like Mailchimp, it has become increasingly easier to design and produce branded emails to match your business. These are great when trying to attract new customers as they aren’t the same as the usual boring emails you might receive. These emails can be full of information, latest updates, services/products and offers. A well-designed email will definitely create traction and spark some interest in the intended audience.

Emails reach more mobile consumers

Nowadays it might be no surprise that mobiles are becoming increasingly popular and therefore people are more likely to see marketing material on their phones. One of the most popular smartphone activities is email according to average statistics. This is a great way for small businesses to reach their consumer from their mobiles without spending a significant amount. It is also worth knowing that more people are going to view emails on mobile devices as opposed to desktop and tablets. This is why it is crucial the designs look right on mobile and are somewhat responsive.

Email marketing has more features

There I denying that social media platforms are very powerful when it comes to marketing, however saying this social media does have its limitations. For example, ads can have limited characters, restricting the message you might be trying to convey. Emails can be made from HTML code allowing there to be no restrictions making the media that you included endless.

Email marketing is affordable to small businesses

Many small businesses are working under a limited budget which means they need to find ways of reaching their audience without spending too much. Email marketing is a great way of achieving this as it is a very cost-effective digital marketing technique. What makes this so great is that even though it costs so little it actually provides a great return on investment. No matter how small your marketing budget is you can still take some great benefits.

Email works well with other marketing tactics

Another great reason for using email is that it integrates well with other marketing tactics and helps promote them. For example, a social media giveaway or competition can also be added to an email to try and drive people to the social platform. In general, you can also use emails to drum up excitement around your social platforms by including share buttons etc. Emails can also help reflect marketing that has been produced on your website.

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