Principles of Email Marketing

One of the best ways to reach a vast number of people for marketing purposes is by the use of e-mail. Email has been used as a marketing tool for decades. It is one of the ‘oldest’ marketing strategies of all times.

Some people will misuse the use of E-mails as a marketing tool by sending anyone and everyone E-mails that are not even relevant to them. This can be very annoying and irritating to consumers and some might unsubscribe from receiving your newsletters and other E-mails. SEO Warrington state that this could also have a negative impact on SEO.

There are however a couple of principles that one has to follow in order for E-mail marketing to be termed successful.

Make specific offers

As a sales entity, make sure you are direct when making your offer. Do not write a general message. General messages will only seem to prove to your clients that you exist, and that is not what we want.

What we desire is making offers that improve our conversion rates. On the subject line, be direct on what they should expect in the E-mail and in the E-mail be direct with what your offer is.

However, you should not give away every detail in your E-mail. Leave out a few details so that they have a reason to click over to your website.

Talk to the right people at the right time

No matter the kind of specificity you portray in your E-mail, it will be all a waste of time if it is directed to the wrong people at the wrong time.

As a marketer, you should first consider who your audience is and then decide on the best way to contact them. Avoid sending E-mails each and every day as this may be a nuisance. You will be able to use E-mail as an effective marketing tool if only you reached the right audience at the right time.

Treat email like social media

Social media is a place where people love to interact on a personal level. Do not always send your clients E-mails to buy products and services. Send them E-mails that interact with them personally. E-mails they understand and can relate to. This would then be an effective way to use E-mail marketing.

Don’t expect to get it right the first time

Just any other form of marketing, E-mail marketing will require extensive research and experience for you to fully comprehend it.

All the research found on the internet is just general stuff but a great place to start. Afterwards, try gathering your own information on your target audience and with time, you will be near perfect.

Make your value clear

Your audience should be able to connect everything in your E-mail in a few seconds. In marketing, you only have a few seconds to capture and communicate to your audience on the value you are adding to them. Make sure the subject line, body and images in the E-mail go hand in hand with the value you are trying to sell to your audience.

All in all, these are just but a few of the principles of E-mail marketing. Follow them and you are on your way to effective use of E-mail to sell your brand and significantly increase your conversion rates.

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