How to use email marketing for your eCommerce website

Ten Email Marketing Strategies for Your Ecommerce Website

Running an eCommerce website can be a daunting task. The amount of absurd competitions in the market makes it extremely crucial to prevent committing trivial errors.

Implementation of the right marketing strategies is the key to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. So, if you want to run a successful eCommerce website, you can follow these ten crucial email marketing strategies.

Create an online subscription form

You cannot implement email marketing unless you build a strong subscriber database. An online subscription form helps you do exactly that! One crucial thing to remember is to make your subscription as easy and as simple as possible.

Send a unique and tempting welcome email

A welcome email allows you to create a good first impression. It is also your best chance to acknowledge their subscription and show you appreciation. Create a personalized email and follow that up with enticing offers like coupons or discounts.

Optimize your email for mobile device

The latest data show that around 47% of internet users use smartphones to open their emails daily. This means your email has to be optimized ideally to perform smoothly on mobile devices.


Know when to send emails

If you want to hit the bulls-eye with your emails, timing is extremely important. For instance, the latest data show that about 70% of general shoppers flock eCommerce websites on occasions like Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Exploit abandoned cart practice

Making use of an abandoned cart is an old-school tactic that is still prevalent in the present marketing context. Recent studies show that sending three abandoned cart emails boosts the order chances by nearly 69%.

Send automated purchase confirmation emails

Sending automated (personalized) purchase confirmation emails offer optimum user convenience. Besides, confirmation emails also have a high open and click-through rate. Recent data show that Confirmation emails open rates are higher, with 114.3% compared to just 14% for bulk emails.

Launch targeted upsell campaigns

Any sane marketer will tell you that selling pitching a sales product to an existing customer is always easier than trying to convince new users. Existing customers are well aware of your product and are less price-sensitive. Upsell campaign emails have a successful conversion rate of more than 20%.

Put your data metrics to good use

Data metrics may help you identify your audience’s interests based on their past/present engagement trends. You can put such information to good use by personalizing emails to launch target campaigns.

For instance, you can launch loyalty rewards for active audiences or initiate come-back schemes for passive customers.

Encourage sharing

One of the best ways to ensure guaranteed brand growth is to convert your present customers into your brand ambassadors. Almost 64% of executive marketers believe that positive-word-to mouth is the most effective channel to generate sales leads.

A simple way to encourage active sharing among your audience is to attach a social media sharing button with your email campaigns.

Ask for reviews

Customers like to build a relationship with brands that are genuine and practice transparency. Asking for their reviews is one way of telling them that you value their inputs (negative or positive). This is especially true for eCommerce websites where consumers make purchase decisions based primarily on past reviews.

You can encourage users to share their reviews by rewarding them with discounts on their next purchase.