Emerging Technology

Emerging technologies are technologies that are perceived as capable of changing the status quo. These technologies are generally new but include older technologies that are still controversial and relatively undeveloped in potential. Emerging technologies are characterized by radical novelty, relatively fast growth, coherence, prominent impact, and uncertainty and ambiguity. There are many emerging technologies that have started growing in the past couple of the years in different sectors of everyday life.


One emerging technology that has been in the mouths of everyone since the late 1900s. The bell nexus air taxi is a flying car and is one of the many real flying cars, multiple companies aiming to create a flying car. The bell nexus air taxi was created by UBER, this car can go 150mph, expansive windows for soon to be dazzled passengers and supports an augmented-reality-enhanced flight experience. The Nexus relies on six-foot diameter fans for forward thrust and, while pivoted to the horizontal, take-offs and landings.


One emerging technology in the military which has been growing in the past 10 years is the use of stealth technology. Technology such as the F-117 stealth attack plane was designed to evade radar systems to allow the plane to get into forbidden air space which could allow attacks from the air and surveying from the air. The shape of the plane also allows it to go up to 180mph.


One emerging technology in medical is prosthesis. Prosthesis is an artificial device that replaces a missing body part to help the person with a missing body part still be able to do the things that they did before without issue. As well de-extinction can make sure that animals don’t go extinct by taking DNA from extinct animals and using that to make the organism of the extinct animal.


One emerging technology in robotics is a powered exoskeleton. A powered exoskeleton is a wearable machine made out of metal and electronics which is used to make your limbs and bones stronger while wearing it and will make you get less tired while moving/lifting. This is good for people who have weak bones and limbs due to a disease or other condition. Also, the military is trying to get exoskeletons for their soldiers.

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