Enjoy the Best Premium Features of Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark now has premium features that allow you to add more creativity to all your visual stories. Make your videos, posts, and pages feel and look just like your company by customising your brand assets and including brand ingredients. Web Design St Helens recommends you should get a style that’s attractive and unique to you.

If you are looking for a way to tell a story by communicating your ideas visually, this is the software to use. You can use it to create new videos, web pages and graphics; it is uniqueness made easy because you can inject your identity. If you need help web design St Helens are there to give your site a facelift with easy-to-use software.

Here, we will show you how these fantastic features work so that you learn how to manage and create the best-branded stories.

Custom-made Adobe Spark Templates

There are around 20 custom-made and highly customizable templates ranging from advertisements, social media covers, and business cards. You can even brand any template on adobe spark on the inspiration wall. These are amazing templates that every business can make use of.

Matching Themes

There are six matching themes in the Spark Video and Page. The site has refreshed all themes for the digital or modern storyteller. So, as a spark premium member, you can customize all themes to improve your brand on different videos and web pages. You can do it yourself or hire an expert like web design St Helens to achieve desired results.

Branded Surfaces

Adobe Spark will also automatically place your name and logo in different footers, video stamps, and headers. Your brand will, therefore, follow you no matter how far your content grows. This is one of the most amazing things you’ll find when using this incredible tool. It works so efficiently that the end product is irresistible.

You Can Customize the Feel and Look for Your Video and Page Themes

Adobe Spark has done much of the intense work for you by creating at least three theme options: The medium, light, and dark. Now, you can customize them even more by adjusting their accents, colour, type, and backgrounds. Changes to either of these themes apply to each project that uses the theme. Make the changes once, and then see the results unfold everywhere. It is incredible how it works.

Brand and Unbrand Existing Projects

You can easily add your brand to existing projects using Adobe Spark. Just choose any branded theme then republish your project’s content. The fantastic spark magic will do the rest. You can also choose a theme that is unbranded if you want to create unbranded content. Just toggle off all brand settings that appear once you press the plus button to make unbranded graphics.


As you can see, using Adobe Spark, web design St Helens can help you build a top-notch brand. They will select the best brand colours, amazing fonts and upload an intriguing logo. Customize and create attractive brand stories today with the help of professionals and join millions of people worldwide who are enjoying the many benefits it brings.

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