Why your entire team should contribute to content creation

Most companies will rely on a singular team of people, such as content writers or marketers, to create their content such as blogs and social media statuses. In this blog, we will uncover the reasons why it’s best to have a range of staff and departments to contribute to your company content creation.

From the horse’s mouth

Blogs from your relevant staff members are seen as more trustworthy and knowledgeable, as they are written by people who actually experience the things they are writing about rather than content writers or an external agency. For instance, a blog about the advantages of using LinkedIn should be written by someone who actually uses LinkedIn and has their own reasons and advantages of using LinkedIn, as opposed to someone who doesn’t use the platform and simply writes what they find on Google.

A study by Edelman Trust Barometer found that 67% of consumers trust content written by relevant company experts and professionals, while only 43% trusted content by CEOs. This shows the value of content created by the ordinary worker which more people can identify with.

Showcase different perspectives

Content produced by the same person or group of people can become very shallow and limited overtime. Content produced by various different employees can lead to greater diversity in the content produced and shows a range of perspectives and views on different subject matters.

Different people contributing to content allow for a larger variety of ideas and opinions to be showcased, and blogs on the same topic can vary and provide a better reading experience because of this.

Incentivizes the team to share content

By having everyone contribute to content creation, it incentivizes them to share their content on platforms such as social media as they show off their blog, or whatever content they may have created. This increases the outreach of your content and you can reach different people. This also means your team is self-marketing their own content through their own personal voice as opposed to from a business, which is always more valuable and trustworthy to consumers.

Our own content creation

At Blue Whale Media, everyone in the company has contributed to content creation in the form of weekly staff blogs which can be viewed from our staff profiles. Everyone chips in and write their own blog. This allows us to learn about our subjects to a more standard level to give us the confidence of actually writing about it and inform others. The constant flow of new content also gives us a small SEO boost, naturally!

Our content creation services

Blue Whale Media has an in-house team of expert content writers who can help you with a range of content creation. We can provide SEO-friendly blogs, press releases, articles and content for webpages. We also have expert graphic designers for multimedia content such as infographics, logos, animations, videos and more! View our content writing services online or call us on 01925 552050!

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