What does our Marketing Company Warrington think will be the essential marketing trends for 2020?

To understand what marketing trends are ahead of us in 2020, our Marketing Company Warrington Blue Whale Media take stock of previous years trends and analyse how they perform for a variety of different businesses. Digital marketing is vast and varied and companies can have too many options and schemes to choose from. It is important to take the time to understand what you want your business to take from your digital marketing plan, so our team have compiled a comprehensive list to help you understand what some of the top trends of 2020 digital marketing can offer you and your brand.

Our Marketing Company Warrington team place emphasis on lifecycle marketing

The main role of digital marketing in 2020 is to provide customers with a unified and fully immersive online experience. Through expert branding, your business will present a cohesive customer-facing image. With life-cycle marketing, you can provide your target audience with a strategic and focused long-term marketing plan that is designed to acquire and retain repeat customers. Statistics show that acquiring new customers is more costly to a Marketing Company Warrington than working on a nurturing marketing service that helps the business grow.

Conversational Marketing will grow in popularity according to Marketing Company Warrington

Perhaps one of the most exciting and upcoming trends of 2020, conversational marketing allows consumers and businesses to interact effectively. With the rise of home AI systems such as Siri, Alexa and Echo, customers are beginning to change the way that they purchase. During a recent study of 2000 British Adults, 60% of smart speaker owners admitted to using them to make a purchase within the last year and nearly 22% of them have done it within the last week. Our Marketing Company Warrington team encourage businesses to doctor their content and linguistic choices to better cater to conversation marketing techniques in 2020.

Our Marketing Company Warrington team see customer privacy becoming more important in 2020

In 2019, record-breaking fines arose from companies failing to work within GDPR parameters. Security breaches can have a huge impact on your businesses reputation and can cause your customers to lose faith in your brand. Traditional identification methods are seeing a decrease in effectiveness and ROI, which has encouraged emerging technologies and marketing tools to evolve and flourish. Our Marketing Company Warrington team at Blue Whale Media have seen technological advances like ‘New Identify Management’ or ‘Know Your Customer’ go from strength to strength and predict a further surge in 2020.

Our Marketing Company Warrington team predict a rise in insights-driven marketing

Google Analytics and similar programmes allow companies to gain essential insights into what drives their customer interaction and how they can improve with data-driven digital marketing strategies. At Blue Whale Media, our Marketing Company Warrington team predict a further rise in businesses that use data sets to gain a competitive understanding of their current industry landscape and can effectively develop their marketing strategy.


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