Essential Software For Your Business Website

When setting up a business website, there are a number of different software applications which can benefit your website set-up, leaving your website secure, professional, and within your control. To find some of the best software applications for your business website, this guide will help you understand how these can help your business while protecting it from threats and giving customers a positive experience.

Security Software

Security software is vital in the modern, technology-based business world to prevent malicious organizations from accessing your confidential information and that of your customers. There are many ways to keep your website secure, and this includes endpoint security software, which you can find out more about on the McAfee security awareness pages. Endpoint security software protects websites on the cloud and on different servers by blocking malicious software, alerting you to threats, and providing you with an integrated firewall to neutralize threats. This will help you to keep your customer’s financial information safe on your e-commerce platforms, as well as any other information that they share with you. You should also consider other security software for your website, such as data encryption and security scanners and firewalls.

Design Software

However, to ensure that customers have a positive experience on your website and to present your business as professional, you need to install the right design software and use the right website builders for your company. This can ensure that your website is easily navigable and accessible by users. Website design software often gives users the ability to change HTML coding and functions towards their own needs. This gives them the opportunity to personalize their website to cater to their goals and the purpose of their website, as well as ensuring that it is accessible on all web browsers.

eCommerce Software

If your business has an online store, the e-commerce software that you use is essential, as this is where business transactions actively take place between you and your customers. Not only this, but your e-commerce software allows you to manage the products that you have on sale, view the orders that you need to fulfil and check their order status from making the order to delivery, calculate taxes and shipping automatically, and manage the inventory of the website. There are two types of e-commerce software when setting up your store: on-premise (which is managed by businesses and gives you increased flexibility over operations) and hosted (which allow you to customized pre-created platforms that are automatically updated by the host).

Website Monitoring

Website monitoring is vital to the growth of your online business, as it allows you to track the number of views and visitors that your website has received, which pages are most popular, and the performance of your website from an operational perspective, such as load times. This allows you to have control over the servers and APIs that your website uses and check that they are running online. You can also measure the success of your web applications and the downtime of your website.

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