Events at Blue Whale Media during Christmas

Events at Blue Whale Media during Christmas 

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s safe to say that the holiday spirit is flowing through the Blue Whale Media office. 

We know that many companies are still working throughout the Christmas season as we are ourselves. So, how can you keep your employees happy and make sure they enjoy working on the run-up to Christmas? At Blue Whale Media, we have a large schedule planned out for the Christmas period, some marketing events and other events to boost our team’s spirits.

Events held in the office over Christmas and throughout December 

There is no reason that you should miss out on some holiday fun just because you are at work. At Blue Whale Media, we are planning events and fun things for our employees all year round, Christmas is no exception, but it’s the last event in our calendar. Here’s what we’ve been up to and the events held in the office over Christmas and throughout December: 

  • Christmas insta board. Our Christmas Insta Board is mainly for social media posts to make sure our content is themed. It’s great for our staff too because we spend a whole day taking photos with our team and Christmassy props. 
  • Christmas website pictures. This isn’t just fun for your staff during December; this is important for updating your website or meet the team page. New content is always good for your website because search engines appreciate the new content you might post over Christmas. 
  • Decorating the office. Everyone decorates for Christmas, including Blue Whale Media. However, we decorate a little earlier than normal; our Christmas tree is up in the middle of November, it puts everyone in a festive mood. 
  • Christmas jumper day. This is a staple for many businesses and organisations; everyone wears their Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children. 
  • Christmas hamper. For Christmas, our team at Blue Whale Media collects items to put in a box or a hamper for a local old people’s home. We also take part in the shoebox donations for Save the Children’s operation Christmas child and we donate a male and female homeless box to a local charity. It’s essential for us to give something back to society and people less fortunate than ourselves. 
  • Office Christmas Quiz. This is a yearly event in the Blue Whale Media calendar, one of our team members creates the quiz and everyone is split into teams to take part in this Christmas quiz. 
  • Secret Santa. Secret Santa is a brilliant idea for offices, everyone is given a gift and you can have fun while doing it. It’s another Christmas tradition we take part in; it’s so much fun and brings lots of joy and Christmas cheer to the office. 

Why we hold events at Blue Whale Media

Events are a great way to bring your team closer together; as events are great for team building, they can break down walls and workplace barriers. Plus, having a friend or a strong team at work makes employees more excited to come to work and give them more enthusiasm. Events also help employees to relax and enjoy time building relationships with each other; spending time together outside the office can be a significant boost in teamwork.

Time to discover some Christmas fun at work. Why? The idea is to enjoy the holiday season and take advantage of employee engagement. So, why not pursue some office Christmas activities.