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Everything Mobile, Blue Whale Media Local Champions

Most businesses are discovering how much opportunity an online presence creates. Having a website means your company has a web-based solution to showcase your products or services.

At Blue Whale Media, we create websites for many business types who want an online presence that can showcase exactly what they do. The website we created for Everything Mobile is precise in showing what their business does and their professionalism.

Everything Mobile are experts in mobile phone procurement and recycling, and they work with insurance companies, mobile phone retailers and network operators.

What We Did.

Our website design team created a whole new website for the client; they ensured that there were no dark colours. The new website is up to date and modern with a sleek quality to show the professionalism of Everything Mobile. We also enhanced interactivity with animated elements as web users scroll up and down the website. Our graphics team developed a new and unique logo that matches the brand colours within the website for ultimate brand awareness.

Our content writing team developed content for Everything Mobile to fill the site pages. The content is suited for SEO and so the website appears in the search results as well as linking with relevant social media platforms.

Website Interactivity

The website design team at Blue Whale Media created Everything Mobile’s website to be interactive with users. As a marketing agency, we see that most interactivity appears to be on social networks and forums. We create websites that are interactive because enhanced interactivity is linked to the credibility of a company and its website. The point of interaction with web users is to make them feel more comfortable, more informed and more supported.

Biggest Change.

For Everything Mobile, we completed a whole new rebuild, which gave the website a modern and sleek appearance. Not only did the site have a unique design but also a new logo and content to ensure the whole website was kept up to date. These changes allow Everything Mobile to keep up to date with the development of web design and stand against its competitors.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is essential when customers are about to buy products or services, and it could drive their decisions when differentiating between competing businesses. By using brand colours and company logos throughout website pages, this enhances how web users see your brand and whether they trust you.

Improved customer service

Do your members of staff spend a lot of time on the phone answering customer requests for information on a product or service? A website full of information can help reduce long-distance phone bills and postage costs by including it on your website. Depending on what industry your business is in, the information on your website could be the key to explaining complex services to potential customers.

Each person spends an average of six hours a day on the web, making it a more substantial avenue than any other medium. This means your business website is open 24/7, which extends your service beyond office hours.