3 Examples of How-To Videos That Could Help Your Business

The internet really is a great tool to learn everything and anything. You can learn how to build a computer to cook a nice meal. The possibilities are truly endless! Using videos is a great way to learn online because it shows you exactly how to do it, rather than leaving you to decipher it form a large body of text. It’s a fact that an audience responds more to a marketing video rather than seeing an ad. Over 45% of marketers are adding video content to their advertisements and are benefitting from the value of catering videos specifically to their audience who are trying to learn something. How-to searches are very popular – consider how often you search how to do something. In this blog, we’ll look at how these videos can be a good opportunity for brands to show their products.

How To Cook Pasta

Cooking videos, especially those by companies such as Buzzfeed, go viral on Youtube and other social media pages and reach millions of people every month. In this video, they use hyperlapse to speed up the footage and get the information to the audience as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Also, seeing this fast-paced style is very eye-catching while scrolling down a social media page. From a marketing point of view, viewers on social media tend to favour shorter videos – so a hyperlapse video will save time and do the job.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Videos like this are popular with young adults who are learning to look after themselves when they venture off to university, or with anyone who wants to become a bit more organised. The best part of this video is the personalities of the hosts. There are no high-tech features and it is still highly effective in teaching the audience. Martha Stewart even makes jokes throughout the video to show the viewer that it’s easy to make mistakes. Not reading from a script will make the video effective and enjoyable to watch.

How To Style A Blazer

This is a short and sweet example of a how to fashion video that gets the ideas across quickly and demonstrates three ideas for three different types of people, making it very inclusive. These types of videos can be a great way to show off a product, how it works and how it can be used – or in this case, styled. This video is obviously promoting one blazer from one brand but it isn’t a typical advertisement. If the buyer is hesitant, showing them how to style it in this how-to video may make them feel happier with their purchase. And, if they’re happy, they may come back.


These are only three examples of how-to videos, but they come in many different variations. Find which format would work best for your company/brand and try them out. Think about which format would work best on the social media platform you use the most. For example, if you used Instagram the most, a short and snappy video would be best.

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