Video trends that could be exciting for the future of videography creation

Video trends that could be exciting for the future of videography creation

Everyone has seen the massive rise in the adoption of videos by marketers and the explosion of creativity has also hit the business video world.

The proliferation of online video is one of the most significant changes that is affecting mass communication today; over 80% of the internet traffic will be driven by videos in 2020.

At Blue Whale Media, we are always keeping our eye on the ball to spot trends within media innovation. Our videography Warrington team, has found that the trends below are exciting and worth trying when creating videos.

Spontaneous stories

These ‘stories’ feature on social media, in formats like Instagram Stories, Facebook stories, or even in tweet threads. These bite-sized videos or pictures, produced on the fly and delivered daily to keep viewers hooked and help start conversations. Stories are a great way to drum up hype around your business, products, or services which your current audience can view and even interact with. Our videography Warrington team thinks that in-the-moment content will become more and more prominent as mobile video becomes the norm.

Live Q&As and AMAs

Online Q&As have brought people together and to get to know industry experts and CEOs better. Business videos and Q&As can be done on any number of platforms, including Twitch, Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live! Our Videography Warrington team think marketers will start doing more Livestreams to help give their business more awareness. A recorded Livestream video will stay relevant for days, weeks, or even months after the initial Q&A. Livestream can also be reused as a resource on your website, or continue to share it on social media for more engagement.

Training and education videos will expand

Training and education are already a huge sector of the internet that uses Videography. There are even video tutorials you can find for free on YouTube; it is expected that this trend will continue to grow as some brand will start creating their own content to teach people how to use their products. Our videography Warrington team finds this trend interesting because people already go looking for videos to answer how-to questions more often now than in the past.

More platforms with more video dimensions

As more video platforms get introduced, the preferences for video dimensions will definitely expand. With Facebook and Instagram Stories, vertical video has increased its popularity dramatically. Due to the generally low usage of it, Instagram has now announced they’ll support regular horizontal video on IGTV. It has been thought that square video content performed better on Facebook, and was more fit for Instagram, but, since then, broader dimensions of video and photos have been supported. Our videography Warrington team uses both Facebook and Instagram, so it’ll be essential for us to pay attention to this space.

Video content is going social

Social video, in general, is exploding, on Facebook alone, 500 million consumers watch videos every day. Then when you add every other social media website (and all of them have introduced and expanded video functionality), you’ll see that people want more and more video content daily. Social video is more shareable and engaging than any other type of content; it could just be the tool that takes your social media marketing to the next level.

Live streaming competes with pre-recorded content

Consumers watch a live-streamed video three times longer (on average) than a pre-recorded one; it’s no wonder that live streaming is one of the most defining video marketing trends.

Every major platform is jumping on the bandwagon, from Facebook Live, YouTube streaming, Twitch, Instagram, even Twitter, with its Periscope integration. All of these platforms are investing in live broadcasting capabilities because Live streaming = longer viewing time = more engagement = more money.

In this digital world, anything is possible; our videography Warrington team know that more and more video will become available on social media. The key is to ensure that your video trend fits in with your marketing strategy.