Excuses Business Owners Make For Not Redesigning Their Website

A website redesign is essential to be in pace with your online prospects and customers, and search engines, alike. A website redesign, from a Manchester web design company, can also keep your business a pace ahead of your competitors. If the very thought of a website redesign sees you coming up with reasons for not having to do so, think again. These reasons could just be excuses.

Here are some reasons (read excuses) that business owners are commonly known to give for not getting their websites redesigned. Your website may not genuinely need a redesign. But, it is always better to get that piece of advice from a professional Manchester web design company.

Excuse 1: Redesigning Needs Time And I Don’t Have It

Granted, as a business owner, you have to focus on multiple things to get your business going smoothly and successfully. But, realise that your website is an amazing marketing platform that can work hard for you, if you set it up right.

Set aside time for this platform as you would do for any aspect that contributes to your business. As a business owner, identifying prospects, creating qualified leads, realising sales and building customer relationships, are obviously of primary importance. A website enables you to achieve each of these goals, and thus should be among your top priorities.

If you are really pressed for time, consider hiring an expert Manchester web design company to do the work for you.

Excuse 2: I Don’t Think My Website Needs A Redesign

Your website needs a redesign, if:

  • Your business has undergone changes. A website redesign is essential to reflect these changes
  • There are brand inconsistencies between your other marketing channels and the website. A website redesign, in this case, helps deliver the same brand experience to customers online, as in the other channels.
  • The website design is outdated and needs technological or content updates for a fresher and more user-friendly experience. For example, a website redesign can help you reach your increasing mobile users through a responsive design.

If any of the above holds true for your website, seek the advice of a professional Manchester web design service at the earliest.

Excuse 3: I Cannot Afford The Money At The Moment – Let Your Manchester Web Design Company Help You

It is always a good time to start a redesign, especially if your website needs it. Think of your website redesign as a business investment. A redesigned website will surely reap benefits in the long run, and become an asset for your business.

Choose a Manchester web design company that understands your business, target audience, and website needs, for a successful website redesign.

At Blue Whale Media, we have web designers who listen to your needs first. We combine modern technology with your vision to deliver a design that works best for your stakeholders and business.

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