Expo north west 2020

Expo North West 2020

In a world of social media and online marketing, you cannot beat the importance of face to face contact with other individuals and businesses. There is much value in attending a business expo for your industry; the upside is so significant, it would be a shame to miss out on all potential profits to be made.

At Blue Whale Media, our team has compiled a list of many business functions; one includes the Expo North West. Here’s what you need to know:

Expo North West

The Expo North West is taking place on the 15th of October at Burnley’s football stadium Turf Moor; the event is your opportunity to meet the business industry’s best minds all on one day.

This is a unique event to meet, listen to, and learn from business’s most prominent minds across the region and beyond. There is a dedicated seminar area with free sessions running all day as well as unlimited access to the networking area.

Why Attend the Expo North West?

At the Expo North West, you’ll find businesses from every corner of the business world from the North West and beyond. If you attend the Expo North West you’ll be able to meet them to network and get hints, tips and advice as well as find a solution to business issues.

There will be many business owners, directors, professionals, start-ups and entrepreneurs. It is a proven and simple way to stay relevant, get connected and achieve more.

Check out your competition

Events like the Expo North West are safe places to find out what other companies in your industry are doing. Everyone is there to ask and answer questions, so you won’t seem intrusive when asking your competitors about how things are going within the industry and what they are doing differently to you. You can improve your business strategies from this too.

Get a sense of the state of your industry

It is one thing to read reports about your industry in articles or magazines, but it’s totally different in the real world. At expos, you are able to see what goes on in your industry, good and bad; it is where the best learning curves come from.

Learn new things

Expos will have workshops and valuable seminars where you can learn about new topics within your industry. There are experts at expos for a reason; they can impart knowledge to you, which could be very important for your business.

Reward employees

Many workers don’t have the chance to get out into this kind of unique environment, representing your company and finding out what’s happening in other companies. It can be an unforgettable experience for them and gives them a broader understanding of how you can market your business.

The great thing about expos, including the Expo North West, is that there is a relaxed agenda; generally, a few talks and speeches give structure to the event, but you can mingle and network at your own pace.