Extra Features For Your eCommerce Website

Ecommerce Warrington believes that there are things that your WooCommerce website can be able to facilitate and which you may never know. WooCommerce has been found to be capable of transforming into many forms. There are a variety of purposes that the website can fulfil with additional plugins you are able to transform your WooCommerce website into something different. Ecommerce Warrington believes that WooCommerce can do so many things courtesy of an excellent built-in payment engine, which other plugins can tap into. This means that even if you are not actually selling products, you can still use this engine and its many different payment methods as adduced from Ecommerce Warrington.

Booking Systems

The website has booking plugins that are meant to help you make advance bookings. The same uses date and time calendar which presents visitors with a chance to make a choice on the time they desire to place a booking. You are therefore in control of your calendar and thus able to prevent over bookings or failure of shows kicking off. Invoicing is taken care of via the WooCommerce payment option.


The WooCommerce subscription allows for recurring payments to be facilitated. Among the subscriptions that are taken into consideration are newspapers as well as online access. The advantage is that, should a customer make a cancellation on a particular cancellation, the same is effected in your store too. The best news is that it takes care of whether you are selling physical or online products with monthly or yearly subscriptions. If it is recurring, this plugin will grant you a wonderful service.


WooCommerce is also able to engage Group plugin which is useful in defining membership levels availed through WordPress. When you combine this with WooCommerce plugin, you are in a position to sell paid membership as well as recurring membership courtesy of Subscriptions plugin.

Facebook store

WooCommerce also comes up with a free plugin that helps connect your web store to Facebook. This is done by setting up a shop on your Facebook page where you can target your visitors on Facebook using a pixel.


With WooCommerce comes a plugin allows you to run one or more auctions for your products. The same includes a bid history and countdown timer which is a great marketing design.


WooCommerce presents a simple way of informing drop-shipping companies you work with of the new orders that you have placed. With this, when it comes to an order, an email gets sent to the supplying company for the order to be affected.

Amazon Store

WooCommerce also uses Amazon’s API in a bid to integrate its products into your web store. When your visitors visit your site, they are not able to realize this is Amazon.

Affiliate Store

WooCommerce brings on board a free way of selling products without keeping an inventory. This involves referring customers to a different affiliate company to make the sale.


Here you use the WooCommerce product listings page. From this page then, you only need to confirm the price and close the deal.

Paid job listings

With WP Job Manager, you are allowed to sell job listings for recruiters looking for candidates.

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