Facebook Advertising strategies to put your ahead of the competition in 2019

Evolution is inevitable in all businesses. Change and growth are essential to a successful business and more often than not, unavoidable. Methods of advertising are not immune to evolution. The last huge shift in advertising trends was when TV took over from Radio as the main platform to advertise on.

Online ads are the most lucrative and cost-effective way to gain mass exposure. Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team have compiled a few great Facebook Marketing strategies to help your company grow.

Why online advertising?

Print advertising has fallen out of favour over the years, and the price to host an advert in print has increased to reflect the falling numbers and ensure a return on investment. Therefore, tradition print ads have become overpriced and much less effective at engaging with customers and clients. Billboards, magazine and newspaper ads no longer have as much power as they once did to expose your company to a wider audience. Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team have seen first-hand that online advertising, particularly social media advertising, has gained a lot of traction in recent years, so businesses are investing heavily in online campaigns.

Invest your money back into your business

You may be familiar with the online retailer, Wish. The shopping app was founded by Google and are so profitable, their only perceivable threat is online giant Amazon. But how did a seemingly unknown, low-cost online retailer become one of the highest grossing companies? They invested 100% of their profits back into their social media advertising campaign, particularly Facebook and Instagram. The most successful companies and brands have taken advantage of underpriced and undervalued marketing strategies before they become popular.

Back when Google Adwords was underpriced and undervalued, the biggest advertiser using the platform was Amazon. By investing their money into an underpriced platform and their social media advertising, Amazon became the giants of online retailing.

Although the success of social media marketing is certainly proved by these companies, interestingly, a majority of the Fortune 500 companies neglect to invest in it. Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team suggest that you stay ahead of the curve and invest in it before it becomes more expensive than it’s worth.

Target Life Events and customize your audience

Facebook Life Events are a great way to tailor your advertising towards your audience and their lives. Specific life events, such as marriage or buying a house are usually the kind of thing that people update their Facebook for. Advertisers can use their demographic audience’s life events as clever techniques to catch them with targeted adverts at the perfect time.

You can also limit your demographic parameters to ensure that your adverts are shown to the exact audience that you want to see it. This can be done with Facebook Ads. You can limit your target parameters with some serious details, including annual salaries, postcodes and specific careers.


So to conclude, successful Facebook marketing is dependent on a great strategy. For more advice or information from our Facebook Marketing Warrington team, visit our website.

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