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A lot of people find it intimidating to use social media for their business marketing. However, in this age of the Internet where information travels faster than ever before, Our social media marketing Warrington experts believe, you need to be on the social media platforms to reach your target audience. This brings us to the question of which social media to use. So where do you start? Facebook or Twitter?

When you hire a social media marketing Warrington team, you will realise that both social platforms have their respective fan following. Although Facebook has been around for more time than Twitter, this media platform requires you to be concise and precise, exactly like how you would design an advert.

Choosing Facebook Or Twitter

Your social media marketing Warrington service provider works with you to give your business the kind of audience it needs. Facebook and Twitter can play an important role in leveraging the follower base to a great extent. It makes sense to choose Facebook if you or your business has a large follower base.

On the other hand, if you are promoting a niche product or service, you should opt for Twitter since it is observed that people use this social media for their searches more than they use Facebook.

Facebook Has More Staying Power

Many marketing strategists feel that information tends to flow very fast when it comes to Twitter. This means, it is difficult to get people to stay on a particular tweet for too long. Unless you pay to promote a tweet, it does not stay at the top.

However, Facebook is more people and product friendly. If your content, brand or blog is really good, more people are likely to comment, discuss and promote it without you having to spend any extra sum of money.

So, your news feeds have a much longer shelf life on Facebook as compared to Twitter.

Images Vs Information

Facebook is a better option if you are promoting your business with the help of photos, images, videos and the like. Twitter is more about information sharing, answering questions, conversations and retweeting.

Your social media marketing Warrington team can help you decide between Facebook and Twitter depending upon your business marketing needs from time to time.

Instead of sticking to just one social media for your business marketing, it is better to mix and match the use of Facebook and Twitter as and when the situation demands.

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