Facebook VS Instagram: which platform is best for your business?

Social media is a versatile, cost-effective and powerful marketing tool in any business repertoire. You can easily amass a large and varied audience with minimal cost and marketing, but it can be difficult to maintain without sufficient strategies in place. Making the most of social media can be costly in the long run as it is an ongoing expense, so choosing the best platform is vital to keep costs down and audience engagement high.

However, with such a huge variety of social media platforms available, it can be overwhelming. To help, our Facebook Marketing Warrington team compiled a few comparisons between the two highest performing platforms to help you decide. So, Facebook or Instagram; Which social media platform is more suited to your business?

Brand engagement

Although it is the older of the two platforms, Facebook has over 60 million active business pages. Impressive, but not all it seems, as only 32% of users that follow or like these business pages actually engage with them. Comments and questions are few in comparison the Instagram, which has fewer pages but higher engagement. On average, business pages on Instagram see 80% engagement.

On paper, this may seem like a clear win, but Facebook has over 8 billion views daily. This means greater exposure and potential custom. Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team prefer Facebook for this reason.

Targeting the right audience

With age, Facebook brings customer trust and notoriety. It is an institution and has a strong presence in the consumer’s consciousness. Instagram does not possess as strong of an influence, but it is by no means down and out. Statistics show that the majority category that uses and interacts with Facebook is 25-34-year-old men. In comparison, Instagram appeals to the wider category of 18-34, both men and women. Your choice of platform will be influenced by your target demographic.

Ad Types

Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team are no strangers to the importance of social media ads. Both Facebook and Instagram are capable of supporting ads, but Facebook has significantly more options. Instagram is predominantly an image sharing site, whereas Facebook hosts a selection of different mediums. With Instagram offering 4 varieties of adverts, and Facebook offering 11, it is clear which platform has the better selection.

However, Instagram offers Stories Ads, which according to recent statistics released by Agora Plus, offer a 23% higher conversion rate than conventional feed advertising.

The platform and type of ad that you choose is linked to your target audience and what kind of product/ brand you are trying to represent


Although very different, both Facebook and Instagram can offer brands a lot in the way of advertising. Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team understand the value of integrating social media into your marketing strategy, and always advise that you fully research and understand your target audience and the brand image that you would like to present before you commit to just one. For more information and tips from our Facebook Marketing Warrington team, visit our website.

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