Facebook’s Birthday Fundraisers

Just recently Facebook decided to mark the very first anniversary of its famous birthday fundraisers feature, where they strongly showed its usefulness; they announced the total amount raised as donations using the birthday fundraiser, was more than $300 million. It works by letting a Facebook user mark their special birthday occasions by creating a social drive geared towards donating funds to an organisation they decide to choose. Nowadays people can read and interact with organisations’ ‘About Us’ information that is readily present on attractive and responsive websites courtesy of web design Manchester hence boosting their online presence. By now there are more than 750,000 major non-profit organisations who have direct access to fundraising tools depending on the countries where the program has been rolled out. The good news was how Facebook removed the initial 5% fee on donations thus non-profit organisations now enjoy all the contributions to boost their day to day operations and support charitable activities.

So, How does one create a Facebook birthday fundraiser?

Do you wish to create a birthday fundraiser on your special occasion? From this article, web design Manchester can make it easy for you to get the fundraising up and running as you celebrate your day with family and friends. However, you realise that some additional information is required to describe it, such as which specific non-profit organisation you wish to raise money. Also how much money are you targeting to raise? What date do you want to end the fundraiser? To finish is a catchy title and brief description of your fundraiser – something that would convince social media and online users on web design Manchester to donate towards charitable works in the society.

What new things should you expect?

Based on the feedback collected from social media users and sites like web design Manchester Facebook intends to add new features to the fundraiser tool all geared to make it efficient, interactive as well as informative. To start with is that Facebook Pages will be allowed to create fundraisers and donate too. There is a tool that enables matching different donations and organisers to the fundraisers. If a donor wishes to have a contribution that recurs every month, it is also possible. Again, let’s say a user wants to create the birthday fundraiser and they do not have any organisation name in mind; Facebook brings forward a feature that includes comprehensive information regarding charity works, thus easy to select from the list provided. Among the significant beneficiaries of the fundraising feature, as Facebook recently reported are: – the American Cancer Society, the Alzheimer’s Association, Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry, St Jude and many more organisations.

Wrap Up

Despite some few critics of Facebook being purported to use a tragedy to solicit profits for themselves, is ideally not true.
By using the Facebook platform and other sites like web design Manchester organisations, have a broad reach in crowdsourcing funds from billions of people all over the world so there is no chance to be left out!

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