The world of branding

In the world we live in today, it is a challenging prospect for your brand to stand out against the rest. A brand is something that helps distinguish an organisation from its competitors in the eyes of the target audience. Like with most things in life, some are good at it and others not so good. In this blog, I’m going to explain my favourite branded companies and why I like them so much.


Apple is one of the leading companies in the world. It thrives off its brand and it is this alone which helps drive business through loyal custom. I like Apple’s branding because of its slick, clean and professional look. Apple definitely takes pride in its products appearances and the way they look. They really are the masters of creating unique and stunning graphics. Their attention to detail is second to none which is why they have such good brand loyalty.


Google is probably more on the quirky side. Not many companies would get away with using the colours green, yellow, red and blue. With Google, this works so well and when seeing these colours together you immediately think google. Compared to Apple, I feel Google are quirkier with their graphics. I feel Google prides itself on being a fun and vibrant company, which makes it easy to approach. With the four colours chosen they are almost free to do whatever they want design wise because with all those colours firmly together it is hard not to relate it back to google.


If you haven’t heard of DJI, they are a manufacturer for drone, photography and videography equipment. Similar to Apple, they are all about making the products look good with a branding that coincides. Within their website and graphics, they make use of quite dark colours such as greys and blacks. This, in my eyes, helps to create the professional and high-end service they are creating. Like Apple, all their graphics are clean, slick and professional. With the customers they’re trying to attract, this is the key to their success.

Blue Whale Media

This may be a bit bias, but I love Blue Whale Media’s branding. I think it’s fun, fresh with the ability to remain professional. I think it easily stands out from other businesses like us from the colours we use alone. We have also introduced new shapes and concepts to our website and graphics we use. At Blue Whale Media we make use of 4 colours which is something not many companies do. We feel the use of 4 colours helps us create more stunning graphics with the ability to have more freedom.

Why Branding is so important

I believe within a company the branding is the key element in order to drive business. People nowadays are very brand orientated and with a poor brand, nobody will be willing to purchase a product or service that you offer. It’s all about being remembered as a company when trying to drive new customers. This relies a lot on branding and first impressions.
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