Festival of Female Entrepreneurs 2020

Festival of Female Entrepreneurs 2020

Business events have become an accessible resource for female entrepreneurs because they are considered a useful way for businesswomen to meet others with similar professional goals.

At Blue Whale Media, we are always on the lookout for tech or business events tailored for women; this is because we believe it is essential for our team to expand their knowledge confidently.

The Festival of Female Entrepreneurs is happening later this year. It would be an excellent event for our team because it will be a great way for female entrepreneurs to gain further support and knowledge.

The Festival of Female Entrepreneurs

The Festival of Female Entrepreneurs will bring together like-minded women in business and provide you with practical knowledge or tips from trail-blazing women across multiple industries. Originally the festival started in Bristol in 2011, eight years later it is traveling the UK and coming to Manchester this year.

It is the largest of its kind in the UK, with an average of over 1000+ attendees, the festival is for the female entrepreneurs, female freelancers and students.

The Festival of Female Entrepreneurs is a place for women to talk business and a place where they can think big as well as be inspired by other businesswomen.

What is involved in The Festival of Female Entrepreneurs?

The festival is focused and passionate around the tech and media industries. Here is what you can expect:

  • Access to the keynote stage with a full day of inspiring talks that will give you practical tips to grow your business
  • A separate exhibitor and one-on-one business advice zone
  • A small business market with innovative local brands selling great products
  • A hot networking lunch
  • Opportunities to meet like-minded entrepreneurs
  • End of day drinks reception

Build Your Network

Going to a female tailored business event means you will be meeting many people within your industry and be able to build secure connections. Networking can be a powerful tool as it can help you learn directly from other businesses and be an effective way to build authority within your niche.

Learning Opportunities

Even the most experienced person should still be learning and attending business festivals as they can be an excellent source of industry-relevant information. Whether it’s new knowledge about tech or business skills, you need to develop, by attending a business festival, you are bound to come away, feeling more informed and better equipped.

Fresh Thinking and Inspiration

At Blue Whale Media, we think that something is liberating and exciting about getting away from the office for a business event. You can discover a fresh perspective when you receive feedback from others and taking a more distanced and objective approach. Events provide inspiration and encouragement for employers and businesses, and you can return to work feeling motivated.

Increased Brand Visibility

Attending business events can be a marketing strategy to establish awareness and expose your brand to people in the same industry. The more you interact with people in this capacity, the more likely your brand name and identity will spread.

Keep Up To Date With Trends

When you’re attending an event with other people from your industry, trends and news are the topics that are bound to come up. It’s a good place for you to understand the trends of your target market and what is a possibility for the future.

In the digital world, the opportunity to connect face to face with other industry females can be a rarity. However, at business festivals or events, the possibilities are endless.