Power Sources

This sounds like the most obvious thing to take into consideration, however, it is one that is easily missed. In some locations, there are very few plug sockets located around the room meaning we need to provide the extension leads, this can cause a bit of a problem as you are adding more wires into a room containing a lot of expensive equipment. It also becomes more of a health and safety hazard. Therefore, becoming a trip hazard and has to be controlled for the safety of the client.


A major part of filming a successful video is the lighting. Upon checking the room, the original lighting should be checked to determine how many lights would be needed on set, how natural the lighting in the setting is could determine how much is needed in post-production. The more time that can be saved in post-production, the quicker and easier it is for the editor to produce a high-quality edit.


The location of a shoot is arguably the biggest problem as it can hinder the productivity of a shoot massively. For example, if you are filming a high-budget film in New York, you’d have to shut the roads down and that costs money if this isn’t done then the shoot looks awful/cheap. It also affects the lighting and the sound. If the shoot is at the bottom of a building, the lighting may not be good, the sound may not be good as you could hear everything above you.

Different Uses

The ideal location for a shoot would have soundproofing, however, it is very rare that this is available. This means the location needs to be as quiet as possible, therefore, away from car parks, people walking past. Preferably an open space so there are no doors. Any sound other than what is required is a hindrance and absolute silence is required.

Number of Videographers Required

A fairly simple concept, the more complicated the shoot, the more videographers needed to film it. On shoot it helps to have more than one angle, therefore, you need a person manning each camera. You then need someone other than the cameraman on sound as it is easy to be distracted by watching what’s going on. Therefore, for each camera, there needs a sound technician. Then, there is the person directing the shoot. As you can see, it isn’t a one-man job to film a shoot. It’s a complicated procedure that requires multiple cogs to make it work.

Time Needed on Set

Of course, every film shoot needs to have a location booked, however, the problem then lies with how long to book the location out for as it costs to book out a location (sometimes). It’s difficult to determine the number of takes it will take to get the perfect shot when using people who aren’t normally actors. There are a multitude of things that could potentially slow a shoot down and these need to be taken into consideration when booking the location.

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