how to find a reasonable price for your new website

Finding a reasonable price for your new website

In life, there are generally more difficult ways or simpler ways to get things done. Finding the best person possible to create your new website can be difficult. Finding and hiring someone to help you develop your website can be challenging – mainly if it is your first time creating a website.

If you want a new website, the first thing you think about is the website’s price. Most of the studies you will find will inform you that there are a few contributing factors to pricing. The first criterion to think about is the type of website, whether it is a blog post, small business website or e-commerce shop. The next thing to keep in mind is the scale of the web page and its diversity. 

The total budget of the web design project has a significant effect on the end product. Several aspects affect the price of web design, including the website’s design, layout, and structure.

How much does web design cost?

The cost of designing page can be either hourly or a fixed amount for the whole website. An average temporary designer may charge around £70 every hour for an hourly rate. This figure may differ depending on a variety of things. Typical website design costs vary from £25 to £90 every hour, while site creation costs can range from £100 to £180 every hour.

Self-employed or freelance web designers are usually more costly than domestic web designers because they do not get other incentives workers receive. Freelancers have a smaller amount of security in their job and mostly work on a contract basis. Thus, higher rates usually compensate for the absence of dedication on the part of their clients. When deciding on a freelancer’s design rates, it is fair to understand why they ask extra or fewer than the average amount.

On the other hand, if you want many pages, the extra effort a designer would have to put into. In such situations, they will give you a fixed set of how much they expect in advance. These rates may differ based on the experience of the designer and the customer’s particular needs for their site.

There are mainly three types of web designing methods, and depending on that, their cost. 

Simple web design

Simple web designing costs around £1,000 to £10,000. It provides a simple but efficient website for your company. Like intermediate and advanced web design, simple web design creates a website unique to your brand and objectives.

If you are a small company or is just a startup, simple web design provides a cost-effective solution. It offers your business a secure, user-friendly platform that can start driving sales, submit requests, phone calls, and more.

Medium web design

Medium web designing type costs about £10,000 to £50,000. It creates a well-designed, quality website for your company. It also includes extra features, such as a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or copywriting, meeting your company’s specific needs.

If you are a small-to-medium-sized enterprise, an intermediate web design is a perfect solution. It also gives the business the means to advance its other digital marketing initiatives. CMS, for example, lets you publish content that supports your marketing plan.

Advanced web design

Advanced or bespoke web design rates between £50,000 and £100,000. It provides the company with a custom, modern website. It can include a range of add-on services, such as database integration, eCommerce features, and more.

If you are an enterprise or a business, advanced web design provides a solution that suits your company’s scale. It also boosts the conversion rate and returns on investment (ROI) vital for your market.

Apart from the price mentioned above the scale of web design, amateur or new web designers might charge you as discussed below:

Hourly charge

In this case, designers set a value for each hour of work they put in. And, after your job is complete, they charge you for the total amount of hours worked. It depends on the amount of time spent on each project.

Newer designers mostly use this charging method because they do not have enough experience to charge fixed rates. 

Fixed rates

You might be charged a single fixed fee for web design in this case. The web designer might provide you with various web design services and charge you different rates depending on the type of website you want. If you are paying a fixed price, it is vital to concentrate on the product’s final value.

Monthly charge

Some designers charge a fixed amount monthly. They might ask for an advance or ask for the full amount after the completion of the project. These charging rates mostly pertain to full-time web designers.

Finding a reasonable way for best web designing

Do it yourself

Many sites are paving the way for a new do it yourself web design era that allows anyone to create and maintain their site at a minimal cost. 

The first decision you need to take is which website you want to use. All websites adhere to different types and features.

The way some websites make simple such a complicated process is by the use of models. Many sites focus on template elements, pre-existing layouts, and extra features; either you select one or a set of defaults or take the unique sets and types you like.

The rate of designs and features vary greatly, starting with the free cost of simple templates. One major assumption is that these types of websites ask for fixed rates. But in fact, you also spend more time purchasing new elements, templates, or extra features.

Recruit a freelance designer

Acquiring a freelancer manages costs and worth of the end product. It is also a safe option between doing it all alone and not doing any work on your own.

Employing a freelancer is more interactive, not just hiring. You need to communicate and clarify the vision of your business, and some experience in designing helps with proper contact.

Besides, you as well as your company must first have reasonable goals and clear design clues. If you assign every of your plan choices to the freelancer, the chances are that the result will be different than what you imagined. But be confident, a qualified designer can produce something that is both practical and attractive. 

Working with a Manchester website design company

Working with a website design company is the top choice that money can purchase, though the value of different companies may vary. Employing Company for designing your site offers complete care.

Together with the real designing ability, the added money is used for additional profits. The good thing about companies is that you get a group working for you and not just a single person. It means that you have a group of needed specialists—individual graphic designers, content writers, SEO experts, website developers, etc. This set-up appears to yield outcomes that are complete than the separate handling of anything. 

The other significant benefit of the assistances is that your work is more or less complete once you assign them the project. You can track their development anytime and send records, but will not be troubled by the daily work or minor obstacles.


The size of the business often influences the cost of web design. Just because you are purchasing a simple web design plan does not mean you have a lower-performing website. Instead, you are buying a site that suits your scale, needs, and goals, overpaying for features you do not need.

Build a strong proposal on how you would want your website to be and work on explaining your goals to web designers. The prices of web design will often vary based on what you want and the skill the designer possess.

No matter the size of your project, Blue Whale Media is here to serve you. Contact us today to see how our team of local website designers and developers can aid you.