The five most common errors to avoid when having a new website designed for your business

Five common errors to avoid in your business web design

Nowadays, creating a website that catches the interest of the user is not a choice; it is a must. Poorly designed websites can cause your company to lose customers and profits, and, sadly, bad web design is more popular than you think. As a fairly new company, delivering an excellent website that offers a fully efficient experience to users is important. A lousy website will cause companies to miss out a lot of clients. 

For many small companies and businesses, the concept of hiring the best web design company in Manchester seems expensive, leading them to prefer DIY options or cheap, low-quality options. For many business companies, their ideas about what constitutes a successful website could get in the way of their success.

Internet users are now spending more time reading websites. Every day they are introduced to design features. They have formed their own set of standards. As site owners, we should build a website design that meets these standards and does not let them down. Making a mistake on your website can have a significant impact on the future of your company. 

  • Difficult Navigation

Having your navigation menu hard to find is a common web design error. When people open your website, they are searching for information. Maybe they want to know something or want to get in touch with you. They might also just be trying to get your business’s feel and check what you are offering. No matter what they are looking for, they will surf through your navigation. 

Navigability problems will quickly ruin the reputation of your website. Keeping your navigation menu challenging to navigate or making a website full of random links and confusing signposting would irritate users.

We are living at a time where we can find everything we need in an instant. Most website visitors hate it when they waste their time trying to find out how to use navigation while they should be searching for the required information. When this happens, most people will skip your web.

Make sure that the navigation features of your website are clearly understood and much simpler to find.

  • Lack of useful information

A lack of contact information is another standard error. A lot of the clients would want to get in touch with you. If it is hard to contact you, they will find someone else they can quickly get in touch with.

The moment visitors decide to use your services, it is vital that they have the required contact details as soon as possible. If a customer has to search for your contact details, he or she will likely get annoyed and leave. Your “Contact Us” page should always be readily visible, or your details should be at the bottom of either page.

Simple access to contact details also increases trust. If they can quickly get hold of you, you will likely be a real person and a real company.

  • Not mobile-friendly

If you do not have a mobile-friendly website that is sensitive and scales well to a smaller screen, you will lose a lot of traffic. This is because mobile device users would not hang around using your website if they cannot display it or read it correctly.

Creating a website that performs well when using it on a mobile device is critical. People are linked almost all the time today. In reality, most of the website visitors come from mobile browsing.

If your platform does not offer a great experience in mobile phones, you have to focus on it. As users search for the best experience, they will leave your site and search for a more usable website if possible.

More than half of your customers expect you to give a quality experience on their mobile devices. So you need to make sure that you can fulfil their standards if you want to keep this large share of users interested in your content.

  • Terrible design or layout

Your website needs to be usable to your users, chiefly if you have a particular task that you would like them to perform, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing an item from your shop.

There is a possibility that your website’s path has not been laid out and designed correctly for your users. It will also result in users being caught in a loop where they cannot understand your content, which means they will not return.

If you face user loss or low user engagement, you should check the design and layout features of your website. If your menu layouts do not make any sense, you risk upsetting and distracting your clients.

Remember that customers have more options than ever before, so if your website does not give them all the aspects they need, they will certainly look for another alternative.

  • Unattractive content

A strong content method is essential to keep the website fun and up-to-date for users. It tells your user what your company is about and what goods or services you sell. But many web owners tend to get it wrong.

You should give importance on how the content is presented on the website and to any types of text used. Make sure that you select a readable and attractive font. You should also see that you are not using contrasting fonts or too many fonts at once. 

Likewise, make fair use of space so that the website does not appear to be messy.

You should regularly update your content, or else customers will assume that you have left the market. Provide unique, insightful and fresh material to readers. 

You should think about including a lively section on your website to add benefits to customers. This, in turn, will build their confidence and help you create a reputation for yourself.


Web design Manchester is an art form. Like art, web design gives its viewers an experience. It is designed to blend type and function to make a website pleasant, usable, exciting and accessible. 

Site design requires a lot of effort. When it comes to creating a layout that moves a lot of traffic and creates many sales, most companies struggle. Many of them make common mistakes. 

Creating an appealing design is essential, but it is necessary to build a website that makes a profit. Thus, aim at building a platform that focuses on your customers. When you get to know your customer and concentrate on the things they want, it is easy to create a successful website.

The above-discussed points are not a complete list, but it is a decent starting point if you are trying to produce a great website. With constant practice, you can significantly increase the level of traffic, leads, and sales your website makes. It begins by finding each of the errors that damage your website.