What is Formidable Forms and how can it help your business? 

How do you find new customers? That’s a question that can keep any entrepreneur awake at night, as they ponder the problems of building a solid database of clients. But here’s one solution: design a great WordPress website and make sure you have a heading saying “Contact Us”. 

Great, that’s sorted then. But hold on, how do you create that essential “Contact Us” form, with fields such as “phone number” or “email”? This is where the WordPress plug-in Formidable Forms is recommended.

Formidable Forms allows you to create virtually any type of form. For many, that would be the “Contact Us” information. But Formidable Forms can also create polls, surveys and lead generation forms.

Here are just a few of its benefits…

– It’s flexible and free – although there is the option to upgrade to Formidable Forms Pro if you need more sophisticated data management

– You can use ready-made templates or you can create your own forms from scratch

– You can use the data you’ve collected to create graphs, directories, tables, job boards or calendars

– You can create impressive fields, such as ones for websites, checkboxes or dropdown select boxes

– It’s easy to use, with a simple drag and drop interface

Considering these features, it’s not surprising that Formidable Forms is well-regarded, with over 170 five-star reviews on the WordPress website.

It also guarantees that every lead captured in your online contact forms will be saved and listed on your Formidable -> Entries page. This is very useful, especially if a form email notification fails. In essence, you will never lose a lead.

But what sets it apart from other form builder plug-ins? Below is a quote from the WordPress.org website that provides a neat answer to that question.

“Other WordPress form builder plug-ins only let you collect data. But our Pro forms also add options to display form submissions on the front-end of your site. Input, display, edit and filter data on the front-end without any additional plug-ins. Formidable Forms is a powerful solution for purchase forms, order forms, member directories, user registration forms, event calendars, and more.”

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