Four Web Design Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website – Tips From Our Website Design Liverpool Team

Your website is essentially a representation of your business, of who you are. So, you want a website that stuns your visitors and impresses them. But there’s a thin line that separates a good design from a bad one. Our website design Liverpool team fall into the good design bracket. Here’s a look at some design elements that can do more harm than good to your website.

Difficult To Read Text

What’s the one thing that will really push your readers off the edge? Text that is difficult to even read. Avoid using fonts that are too small and too complex. You might be thinking a funky font gives your website an edge, but if your readers have a hard time reading it, what’s the point? An experienced website design Liverpool agency can help you choose the right font that does not alienate your visitors.

Too Many Pop Ups

Pop ups are great, if done right. If over done, they are sure to lead to high bounce rates. Keep it simple and you are safe. But overdo it and well, you’ve just ruined your chances of converting a visitor into a customer or a lead.

Over The Top, Over Complicated Design

Too much of anything is bad. That holds so true for a website. An overly complicated design can really put off visitors. Focus on keeping things simple, and uncluttered. After all, less is more. Always! Your website design Liverpool agency should focus on leveraging one or two design elements that are in trend to stun your visitors. For instance, you could use parallax effects and video background.

Overload Of Parallax Effects

Parallax scrolling is a great way to add some depth and create some stunning effects on your website. However, it’s very easy to overdo it. Make sure your website design Liverpool team does not use parallax where it’s not needed. Parallax scrolling should add depth to your website, and should not be forced where it does not belong. Steer clear of these mistakes and you are sure to have a stunning website for your business. Contact us here at Blue Whale Media for a stunning website that delivers results.

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