Where you can find sources for new blog topics.

What to blog about: Fresh Sources for Blog Topics

The hardest part of creating high-quality content is coming up with blog ideas. All bloggers will face a tough time while looking for a suitable blog topic. It’s easy to get stuck in confusion about the selection of topics and sources for blog posts.

At Blue Whale Media, our content writing team has many ways to find blog topics to write about. Here’s how you can get a selection of topics to write about:

Explore Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and Magazines are excellent sources of topics for blogs; you’ll definitely find ones relevant to your industry and niche if you dig deep enough. Once you’ve found your topic, you can research it further and see highlights of your blog’s content or outline. You can then rock a particular topic in your own words and style before it goes to publish. This is also a great way to find the most buzz-worthy topics that are trending.

Social Listening

Listening to what others are saying online – about the industry, your company and anything really – is one of the best sources for blog topics. You’ll find that customer or web user questions on Twitter and LinkedIn give you a lot of content inspiration. Social listening is essentially market research. You can use a defined term or keyword to gain insights from people on social media.

Analyse Your Competitors to Find Ideas

This should be a weekly thing you do as part of your marketing strategy. Read their content and try to put your own spin on the topic or relate it to your company in one way or another. Think about how long their blog post is, how could the blog be improved and how can you add unique angles to the topic? Many websites and businesses will list all their most popular blogs on their website, according to the best website design company in Manchester.

Check out Google Trends

Google Trends is a really useful tool for the search for a great blog topic. Enter the keyword or phrase for the blog and search for it in the region of your target audience and it should show you the relevant topics for that keyword. Google Trends is free to use and does its’ job virtually and could be a blessing in disguise for bloggers confused with blog topic selection.

Seasonal Content

Leveraging seasonal content is a great way to stay ahead of your content creation and always have things to blog about popular events that are very relevant and allow you to put an exciting spin on topics. The key to success with seasonal content is timing. If you publish too early, your content will become irrelevant and stale. Maybe you can even try something new; a how-to article, a day in the life, or even what your company is up to seasonal blog.

The most successful content strategies use a combination of methods to develop topics that speak to intended audiences.with the ideas and tools above, you can always find more content ideas than you could ever possibly use – an enviable position of any marketer.