Friends of Meadowside

Friends of Meadowside – 2021 Half-Year Review 

Friends of Meadowside is a Warrington-based charity that became Blue Whale Media’s charity of the year for 2021. The charity was established to benefit community members struggling to cope without the basic essentials; their community centre has become the local hub of cultural enlightenment.

Before Christmas, the Blue Whale Media team worked with them when each staff member collected a couple of items for a food-box donation. We then contacted Friends of Meadowside just after Christmas about being our charity of the year for 2021, to which they agreed. Since then we have redesigned and developed a new website for them, here’s what the team at Blue Whale Media did: 

What We Did

Our website and graphic design team at Blue Whale Media created a new website for our local charity, Friends of Meadowside. The new website is modern and highlights the charity’s work, which is important to those trying to find information or seek help online. 

We also designed and created a new logo as well as rewriting the content included on the website pages. 

The content now clearly states the aims and objectives of the charity and is set out in such a way that navigation is efficient for the user. The overall website design and creation are unique, which helps the charity gain more visitors. However, a minimalistic design does not distract from the important information.

The ‘our ethos’ tab opens up when the user clicks on that section; we also included hover animations on the menu and the buttons, which enhances the websites overall user experience. We also included animation on page titles as another interactive element which again adds to the user experience but helps the user stay engaged when finding useful information.

Biggest Changes for the website

The new website for Friends of Meadowside showcases many new features and changes in comparison to its previous design. The most noticeable changes are the use of engaging hover animations on the menu tab and buttons, along with the use of an image slider on the homepage. You’ve heard us talk about it before, but user interaction and the user experience of a website is essential, not just to keep them on the website but to make sure they have a good time while browsing. While images and media on the page can draw attention away from the text, sliders put it all in one place to prevent distractions; this will result in keeping users engaged for longer.

Friends of Meadowside’s website went live on April 14th, 2021 and is located at

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