FSB - Federation of Small Businesses

FSB – Federation of Small Businesses

The FSB membership is a recognition of the community of small businesses or self-employed companies. Blue Whale Media has been a part of the FSB since 2011 when the business began. Since then the company has expanded not only in client base but in staff.

The company still remains a strong family business with over 20 employees with a vast range of skills and expertise. Blue Whale Media prides itself on the development of its staff. From training apprentices to work experience, everyone who comes to Blue Whale media gets treated like family. Being a part of the small business community is what makes this digital marketing agency so special.

Although the office has expanded, the small business mentality still remains. Putting customer service first and always taking pride in the details. This is why being a part of the FSB is so important. It showcases the hard work and dedication small businesses go through to remain successful. 

So come and chat with this small business today to see how we can build the website of your dreams!

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