Fundamentals of a good web design

Fundamentals of a good web design

Web design may sometimes seem complicated. There are so many factors that determine if a website is not only existing but also striving. And it can get even more complicated if you are not trained properly. Web design is growing to be an extremely valuable skill, without which there are much fewer chances of survival in the digital world. 

Here are some of the fundamentals of a good web design in Wigan that will help your business grow.

Create a good impression

You would want to create a good impression the first time you meet someone. It should be the same for your website. Your visitors will see and judge your site based on how it looks and how they feel the moment they visit it.

Develop a website compatible with many browsers

Give your website a test in different browsers so that you are sure it appears correctly in all of them. You don’t want to discover a problem with your website through your visitors and potential customers. 

Keep the content simple.

Crowding your pages with too much information and content only creates confusion for the viewers. It annoys people when they have to search for what they are looking for through a disarranged interface. Make your website more user-friendly by keeping it simple.

Check errors often

You don’t want a minor error to deteriorate your whole work. Remember to check your website and look for broken links, pictures that do not load, and other errors. Verify your CSS and HTML to ensure you don’t have any syntax errors.

Provide good navigation

Not being able to properly navigate a site is frustrating when you are using the web. Organize your pages and sections and have them well-designed so that visitors can navigate and browse all areas of the website without difficulty.

Have excellent content

A website is only as good as its content. Besides having an excellent design, ensure that your content is great too. You should have unique and authentic content to keep your visitors and potential customers coming.

Show consistency

If all of the pages on your website look different from each other, it will only show that your website is inconsistent. Your visitors should not feel as if they are entering another website every time they visit a new page on yours. Have consistent design and layout throughout your site to provide your visitors with a better experience.

Create a responsive website

People access the web from different devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Your website should not have display issues on any of the devices. 

Select your colours wisely

The colour selection of your website matters a lot. While choosing them, use not more than four to five colours that contrast with each other too much. Ensure that your website’s text doesn’t have more than three font styles and is easy to read. 

Don’t forget the CTA.

Having a call to action will enhance your sale and customer engagement. Make sure it is obvious and noticeable when users visit your website.