What is the Future of Motion Graphics Design?

In this blog, I would like to attempt to predict the future of motion graphics design. More specifically, the elements that I think will change in the industry over the near future. This is my own personal opinion however, it is a well-educated guess into the future! I’m no Marty McFly.

Changing View

For years, Motion Graphics has been seen as speciality skill, usually used by people who have trained their entire lives into things such as television broadcast and films etc. In the near future, I can see people slowly associating graphics design with more moving imagery rather than the static imagery than they are associated with today.

The current association of the static imagery will remain however the definition of a graphic designer being solely a static based designer will cease to exist completely. This is becoming increasingly obvious within the trends of motion graphics, with its growing presence in television, the internet, films and things such as DVD’s and video game, it is becoming obvious that there is a progression from static graphics within web design for Liverpool.

Professional Predictions

Even after all the above predictions, professionals predict a less optimistic future for motion graphics design. Due to economic factors, and increased ease for novice computer users to create visually stunning graphics with little or no training. However, my personal opinion is that the next evolution affecting graphic designers will be the expansion beyond static imagery to designs that change over time.

Motion Graphics and Content Marketing

No matter where you go on the internet, you will always find motion graphics design. Motion graphics basically refers to an animated representation of data. They are a fantastic way to get across important ideas, create awareness and call prospective customers to potentially invest in your company.

The most important factor within an effective motion graphic piece is accurate data. This just means that the data that is provided can be backed up with reliable and easy to access sources.

I believe motion graphics will become even more heavily influenced by content marketing and the demands for moving graphics for persuasive effect will continue to progress even further and more rapidly than it already is.

4K Footage and Future Render Times

With 4K footage becoming more and more prominent in the live action realm, motion graphic designers have now started to sweat over the idea over the idea of having to make 4K motion graphics. Mainly because they are being overwhelmed by the potential render time that is about to burst upon them. Motion designers are very set in their way and used to render times, however, HD 1080p footage is still relatively new, so the prospect of 4K is a scary thought.


I think that the future of technology is going to be a key factor in motion graphics design, I can personally see Virtual Reality circling around again, hopefully in a more perfected manner this time and I can see motion graphics going hand in hand with virtual reality.

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