The Future of Editing: Top 5 AI-Powered Video Editors in 2024

The Future of Editing: Top 5 AI-Powered Video Editors in 2024

Video content has exploded in popularity over the last decade. However, editing video can be extremely time-consuming without the right tools. Thankfully, artificial intelligence (AI) is stepping in to help. AI-powered video editors allow creators to produce high-quality videos more efficiently than ever before. 

How We Evaluated and Tested the Apps

Each app has been tested by dozens of human volunteers, who have spent a lot of time trying the apps and evaluating them against the various criteria we set, such as ease of use, accessibility, etc.

As we enter 2024, here are five of the top AI video editing tools to help streamline video creation:

Create Videos with Human-Like AI Presenters

Synthesia is leading the way when it comes to generating AI video content. This intuitive video editor allows you to create professional videos featuring AI presenters modeled after real people. Simply type in a script, choose an avatar from over 140 diverse options, and watch your AI video get generated within minutes.

Synthesia makes it easy to produce attractive explainer and tutorial videos, as well as content for social media. And you can even create a custom AI presenter modeled after yourself. With support for over 120 languages, Synthesia removes many barriers to producing engaging video content efficiently.  

Transform Written Content into Video

Struggling to piece together the right B-roll footage for your next video? Pictory leverages AI to immediately turn your blog posts, articles, and long-form writing into shareable branded videos.

After providing a text source, Pictory analyzes your content and automatically selects relevant video clips, images, and background music from its extensive media library. Pictory’s AI also identifies the most compelling elements from your writing to create a polished video that effectively communicates your core message.

Automate Video Editing on the Desktop

Movavi Video Editor is at the top of the list for desktop users looking to streamline video editing. Its array of automated tools, creative effects, and ready-made elements help produce compelling videos with minimal effort. 

Movavi auto video maker makes adding music, transitions, intros, and more a simple drag-and-drop process. Its intuitive interface has almost no learning curve, allowing beginners and experts alike to edit footage efficiently. For those seeking robust automation to accelerate video creation on the desktop, Movavi delivers.

Automate Video Transcription and Captions

Descript stands out for its automated transcription functionality. This AI editor immediately describes your video and audio recordings to unlock powerful editing capabilities. 

With Descript’s transcriptions, you can edit videos like text documents and easily add captions in over 20 languages. Descript also features proprietary audio editing tools to polish sound quality, remove filler words, and overdub voice recordings.

If you want to repurpose existing footage by creating clips for social media or improving accessibility, then Descript should be your go-to.

Craft Animated Videos with Ease

While services like RawShorts may seem tailored more for animation pros, its intuitive interface allows anyone to create sleek animated content. RawShorts’ AI-powered text-to-video converter develops full animated videos from written narratives. Its integrated text-to-speech functionality also facilitates script narration.

Combined with over 1 million licensed media assets and built-in tools to develop charts, graphics, and more, RawShorts empowers users to produce everything from whiteboard animations to explainers. Its guided Storyboard Wizard simplifies animated video creation for beginners and experts alike.

The Future of AI Video Editing

As these five tools demonstrate, AI has opened up game-changing possibilities for video creators in 2024 and beyond. New innovations in natural language processing allow editing platforms to automatically turn text into polished video footage faster than ever before. Other advancements in computer vision facilitate quicker editing through transcription, motion tracking, effects, and more.

While AI video editors are not perfect, they have now evolved to rival human capabilities in many regards. Their efficiency, personalization, and scope enable video creators to experiment and actualize ideas that once seemed impossible. As the underlying AI continues to progress, expect even more breakthroughs in automated video editing in the years ahead.