My Experience at Blue Whale Media

During my first few days at Blue Whale Media, I was introduced to everyone and felt very welcome, even though I was a bit nervous. However, the office dogs Molly, George and Sid made me feel more at ease. Once I was given my desk and everything was set up, I completed some quick training to get me up to speed as this was all quite new to me. I took online quizzes to get my GDPR and Introduction to Cyber Security training which gave me a good foundation to start working on (and I got some certificates at the end which is always nice!) I was shown how to use Freedcamp, which is where all my tasks would be put as well as what I had to complete for ‘pod of the month,’ which I later found out is taken very seriously.


I was thrown into work quickly and was given some products to put onto a website they had been building. Everyone was nice and answered all my questions (and there were a lot of them) just so I knew I was doing it correctly. I’ve added a lot of products to different websites while being here and I was surprised at how different each one was so it was never boring and I was always learning something. I learnt how to use a lot of things in WordPress thanks to the Website Developers and in the last month, I’ve been quite confident in what I’ve been doing.

Creating Images

I was asked to create some illustrations based on the content from the website ‘Gentlemen’s Tonic’. I looked at vintage barbershop tools and spoke to the Web Developers to get some idea of what was required. I was given an iPad to work on too which was really fun and seeing them on the website was a proud moment. This was my favourite task that I was given as it’s something I can add to my portfolio and it allowed me to use some skills I’ve learnt from my first year at university.

Editing Images

As well as creating images, I did a lot of image editing in Photoshop for social media. I benefited from learning this as I use a lot of Photoshop in University, so these are skills I can transfer to my studies. Although writing statuses for social media was not my forte, editing photos was something I could do. While doing these, I also learnt how to use social media management software to schedule the posts.

Logo Portfolios

Using Canva, I took the logos that the Head of Design created and put them into a storyboard and added descriptions of each one, which was then put onto the Blue Whale Media website.

Content Strip

I did a lot of content strips for a lot of new clients and put them into Dropbox (another service I’ve learnt how to use.) I had to take all the content from the website and put them into word documents so they can transfer it all to the new site once it’s built.


Working at Blue Whale Media over this summer has been a fun and wonderful experience and I’ve learnt a lot during my time here. I have gained some experience with different aspects of websites and I’ve met some really lovely people who I’m going to miss a lot (especially the dogs!)

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