Why Use Geo Targeting In Marketing

Geo-targeting is a means of targeting a particular geographic location via online. The most well-known way being by PPC, or Pay Per Click. By starting a PPC campaign it is possible to use both content and ads to attract a target audience. Paid search marketing is also scalable and can be adjusted to fit a precise location and done well, almost to the perfect audience.

Why Use Geotargeting?

A company website, whether it advertises or sells services, or is an e-commerce website selling physical products without any marketing campaigns in place are basically in a David against Goliath situation. Such is the competition online in the 21 Century, there has to be some form of marketing for a company to succeed. This is where marketing can go a long way. If done well, the online presence of a company can be pointed directly at that target audience.

Why Should Geotargeting Be Used?

Geo-targeting and when it should be used is dependent on a lot of things. What the company does or sells. The time of year that the campaign is made is crucial to the core of a business. For example, a company selling Christmas items would be crazy to have a PPC campaign in January, after the event. Somewhere around September onwards, targeting their audience by county, city or town. This way, the consumer base will automatically be drawn to the product line on offer in that targeted zone.

How Does Geotargeting Affect A Company?

It is a given that almost anyone in business online has competition. This is almost certainly true of any product or service offered by any company. A niche market online is a very rare thing. So, when a company has decided to take on their geographical competition, one way is to set up a precise, targeted online campaign that will hit the consumer on the front page of every search engine in Google. Thus, instantly promoting the services and products they sell. If done well, the company should see a boost in sales and services for at least the life of the campaign. However, some campaigns can be so good that they have a lasting effect on consumers beyond the life of the budget of that campaign.

What Blue Whale Media Can Do To Help

Blue Whale Media has a great marketing team. They are very experienced in all types of online marketing for both Blue Whale Media and for clients alike. Gary, the managing director of Blue Whale Media is very experienced in off page SEO campaigns and Pay Per Click campaigns. His knowledge of how to target specific consumer bases by type or geographical location is excellent. In conjunction with the marketing team, Blue Whale media can formulate precise campaigns for any type of business. That could be a one-man band to a well-established company who sees the need to make their presence in a particular area stand out from the crowd. The only limit to a geo-targeting campaign, like any marketing strategy is the cost and the budget available.

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