How To Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Ad Budget

How To Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Ad Budget

Social media platforms are one of the best ways of marketing. And if you are looking to boost your page, either for business purposes, to reach out to people, or get noticed by others, using ads is an excellent option. It is a paid tool that allows other users to discover you and your page. And thankfully enough, you have a wide range of platforms at your disposal. But if you are not making use of all possible social media platforms in the right way, your ad budget will not yield desirable results.

There are two key elements to look into when it comes to any social media platform for marketing: online traffic and number of users.

What are some of the social media platforms generating a lot of traffic with many users, and how can you make the most out of your ad budget? Let’s look at some of these social media platforms.


It is perhaps one of the most widely used social media sites and spread across different world regions. On average, it has 2.45 billion users monthly, which creates a massive potential for marketing ads. It also provides a wide range of ad formats that you can choose from, such as:

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Stories ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Collection ads
  • Playable ads for games or apps

Instagram ads

With over 1 billion active users monthly, Instagram is another excellent platform for you to spend your ad budget. It has features that also allow you to target specific audiences or communities where there is a lot of traffic. A cool feature on Instagram is the sponsored ad, where you can customize your preferences for running an ad for already uploaded content, choose your budget, and target an audience.

Twitter ads

Twitter is another platform that generates massive traffic. It has over 300 million active users monthly. For running an ad, it has two features: Twitter Promote and Twitter Ad Campaigns.

Twitter Promotes is a feature where the Twitter algorithm automatically generates tweets to your specified audience. The Twitter Ad Campaign, on the other hand, allows you to create your ads based on your business model and marketing objective.

YouTube ads

With around 265 million monthly active users, YouTube is another excellent platform for ad promotions. It has a wide audience worldwide, from children to adults around the age group 65 and above. It also has a wide range of ad features such as:

  • Skippable and non-skippable
  • Video discovery ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Outstream ads
  • Masthead ads


There are other platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. But these are some of the top sites with a large number of active users and traffic. And if you want the best results from your budget for ads, investing in these platforms will maximize people’s probability of discovering what you are trying to promote.