Get to know your website users better with MonsterInsights

Get to know your users better with MonsterInsights

One of the ideal Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress is MonsterInsights. It has become one of the most critical and user-friendly plugins for WordPress analytics in the market.

After over 2,000,000+ active installs, it continues to be every developer, business owner, and marketer’s favorite.

Before jumping to the reasons why MonsterInsights is popular, it is essential to understand it.

What is MonsterInsights?

The MonsterInsights plugin allows you to easily customize, add, and manage the Google Analytics of your website. It helps to track users on your WordPress site.

It simplifies the task of tracking your website with Google Analytics.

Easily organize Google Analytics on your WordPress website

In the past, it was essential to either know how to code or hire a Chester web developer to organize Google Analytics. It was also necessary to configure eCommerce tracking, add event tracking, etc. before developing the MonsterInsights plugin. Such activity could take days or even weeks to complete.

With the development of MonsterInsights, you can effectively set up Google Analytics in WordPress. The process is fast and straightforward, which allows you to install without hassle. After the installation, with a few clicks, you can permit features of your choice without dealing with coding.

Learning about the visitors to your website in a different light

The MonsterInsights plugin allows you to view essential information about your audience from the WordPress dashboard.

The Audience Report avails you of the information regarding your user. You can see information like age, country of the user, gender, device used by the user, their interest, etc.

With the help of such essential information, you can design a web strategy that ensures overall success.

Know how people found your website and how they use it

It is crucial to be privy to the things that work and does not work on your website. Once you have essential information, it will help you build content that will draw your audience’s interest.

Now, you do not have to worry as to where to access information about your users. With MonsterInsights Behavior Report, you can gain access to the essential details regarding your followers. Details such as:

  • Most used keywords
  • Source of their reference to your site
  • How did they find your website?
  • Things they clicked on when on your site, and more.

With such crucial insights, you can go about cleaning up problem areas on your website. It is also another window of opportunity for you to look for new ventures like partnership deals. It also helps you to focus on the right area to make changes and build up.

Targeting on quality contents that matters

MonsterInsights gives you a clearer perspective on what to include in your content. 

It omits the “guess work” angle. Instead, it helps you come up with content that your audience wants to see on your website.

We make sure to display the exact content that your audience visit the most, in the content report. It will help you to review it thoroughly and enhance it for higher conversions.

Merging custom dimensions and search console reports, you can expect higher ranking and SEO domination soon.