The Golden Rules Of Content From The Manchester SEO team

One of the many digital marketing services we provide is SEO for businesses in Manchester. Depending on our clients’ needs, we develop Manchester SEO campaigns that complement the design of new a business website, conduct SEO audits on existing sites to enhance their performance and then monitor and feedback on the impact our work is having. 

A large part of the Manchester SEO teams’ responsibilities includes researching, writing, editing and uploading SEO content onto web pages. Some clients rely on us to handle all of their web content for them while others opt to manage it themselves. If you’re thinking of writing your own business blog then the Manchester SEO team have put together a list of golden rules to help to write quality content:

Develop A Tone Of Voice And Keep It Consistent

Content is the voice of your business and blogs are a great place to express it. Unlike page content, blogs can generally be more informal and conversational in tone so be concise and professional but don’t be afraid to be show a little personality. Think about the kind of image you want representing your business and then use that to develop the right tone of voice.

Be Meticulous With Spelling, Grammar And Punctuation

Mistakes, even minor ones, show a lack of attention to detail and that matters to the people thinking of spending money on your products or services. Get a colleague to proofread anything before you publish it online to make sure it’s perfect. 

Update Content Regularly And Make Sure That It Is Always Relevant, Informative And Engaging

A blog is a short piece of writing, usually around 300-1000 words; it should be long enough to be informative, interesting enough to hold your readers’ attention and short enough to keep it. There’s a lot of competition online; what will make your audience read your blog instead of someone else’s? Unlike your main web pages, blogs can be relevant to a specific moment in time so use them to comment on pertinent news stories, to celebrate any awards your business may have won, to inform them of any changes to your services, to launch promotional offers or competitions or to simply give your customers free advice – just like our Manchester SEO team do! The idea is to write something that teaches your audience something about you which compels them share it across their social networks. Add interest by including quality images and links to relevant pages on your own, or other reputable websites.

Be Original

SEO works best when content is regularly uploaded but writing original blogs can be very time-consuming and that makes it tempting to re-word or recycle previous blog posts. Don’t do it. Duplicate content will be get noticed by your readers and leave a bad impression and Google may actually penalise you for it and reduce your page rankings. You can quote someone else but never copy content from other sites and claim it as your own. Not only is it an ethically questionable practice, in serious cases plagiarism can land you and your business in legal hot water.

Make Sure It’s Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

The aim of content marketing is to distribute material effectively so that it reaches the right people, engages them, and encourages them to invest in your business or advocate for it by sharing your content across their digital networks. This can be achieved by making sure that all of your content, not just blog posts, is optimised for search engines. Whether you need help to develop a tone of voice, advice on suitable topics, a better understanding SEO or a reliable SEO agency in Manchester that can do everything for you, then Blue Whale Media can help. Contact us today by calling us on 01925 552050 or use the contact form below!

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