How Google Ads PPC advertising can help your business

Can Google Ads Help Your Business?

There comes a point where a business will realise that in order to grow they have to spend money. There are many techniques a business can utilise in order to expand and grow their customer base. Email marketing is a very cheap investment and can have amazing ROI, but it can damage your brand if done wrong. SEO is a great way to generate new website traffic and online conversions, but it can take months to start seeing any sort of results. PPC, such as Google Ads, is the shortcut for SEO. You can instantly get your website to the top of the search results page for the keywords and search terms you want. In this blog, I will highlight how PPC advertising with Google Ads can help your business.

More Traffic

The first point is obvious: if you advertise your website on Google Ads you will see an uptick in website traffic! However, PPC is not all about just getting as much traffic as possible. Since you are paying for every click, the more traffic you get the more expensive your campaign will be. This is where you need to be smart or enlist the help of a professional PPC agency. You need to ensure your getting traffic from the right keywords: keywords with intent to convert.

For example: lets say you run an eCommerce website selling pencils. The keyword [pencil] is of course relevant to your business, but there’s no way of knowing the intent when someone searches [pencil] on Google. Are they looking for an image of a pencil? Are they looking for information about the different types of pencils? In the end, you will be paying for a lot of irrelevant traffic that doesn’t convert and therefore you’ll be wasting money. On the other hand, the keyword [pencils for sale] is much better. It will probably have less searches and generate less traffic than [pencil], but we know that everyone searching the keyword is looking to purchase your product – so every single click is the worth the money. Even the people that don’t convert will be ideal for remarketing opportunities.

More Awareness

Even if you don’t get people clicking on your advert, you can still raise your brand awareness. There is a hidden advantage behind getting impressions but not clicks: your pushing your brand in front of people for free! If people don’t click your advert that doesn’t mean they didn’t see it. Depending on your ad copy, searchers can find out your business name, website and what your business does – you can convey all this information without paying Google if the searcher doesn’t click your advert!

Pay For What You Get

In Google Ads, you pay for what you get. You don’t pay for the privilege of being on the SERP, you only pay if someone actually clicks your advert and therefore goes onto your website. If someone sees your advert but doesn’t click it, you don’t pay. Simple! It’s still important though to know how to actually manage your Google Ads budget so you ensure you are spending money to your maximum advantage.

Money To Spend

Even though there are many benefits to PPC advertising, there are still some downfalls. The fact of the matter is, you shouldn’t commit to Google Ads if you don’t have the money to spend. There’s a good saying investors have, “only invest what you’re prepared to lose” and I believe this holds true for Google Ads. Not every impression is a guaranteed click, and not every click is going to lead to a conversion. If your campaign is not setup correctly it can become very expensive.

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