GoogleAds: The Different Types of Ads You Can Use

GoogleAds is a top PPC advertising platform which allows marketers to place a range of adverts on Google Search and other Google properties/partners, including the AdSense network. In this blog, I’ll be discussing the different types of adverts which can be created and used on GoogleAds.

Search Ads

Search Ads is the bread and butter of GoogleAds. These are simple text-based adverts which appear on Google search results for your chosen keywords and phrases. These adverts can be found both at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page, with organic listings sandwiched in between. These adverts are identified by a little icon saying ‘Ad’ so users can differentiate between an ad and an organic result. A standard search ad is made up of a headline, description and URL. Some ads can be accompanied by extensions, which can include a phone number, extra pages, list of services and more. These extensions can be created, edited and removed through the GoogleAds platform but are not guaranteed to show every time your ad wins an auction.

Google Ads Search Advert

Display Ads

Display Ads are multi-media ads which appear on Google-partnered websites through the AdSense network. Most display ads will take advantage of multimedia features and include images to draw attention, although it is possible to create a display ad with only text. Display Ads cannot use keywords to target where their ads show, instead they simply tick the categories to show up on specific types of websites, and they can manually blacklist websites they don’t want their ads to show on.

Google Ads Display Advert

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads is another advert which is visible on the Google search results. Shopping Ads allows advertisers to market their products. These ads are visible through a carousel-feature at the very top of the search results page, and is accompanied by a product image, title, price, and seller name. They can also include product reviews or deal offers such as free shipping, discounts etc. They are identified by a “sponsored” tag in the corner of the carousel.

Google Ads Shopping Advert

Instream Ads

Video ads are video adverts which feature on YouTube and other video platforms partnered with Google. When using video adverts, you can select whether to show your video ad on a video (In-stream ad) on YouTube search results (In-display ad) Placement and targeting for video adverts is the same as Display Ads: advertisers cannot bid on keywords or phrases, but select categories and types of videos they would like to advertise on. Instream Ads differ to all these other ads in that they are charged per impression as opposed to per click.

Google Ads YouTube/In-DisplayAdvert


So there you have it, the different types of adverts you can create on GoogleAds for PPC marketing. To find out more about PPC advertising, visit our page here or give us a call on 01925 552050 to see how we can help your business.