Google Analytics: How Does It Work?

Google’s free Analytics tool is a powerful service for online marketers, web developers, and business owners. It allows anyone to track the performance of a website, helping to determine the effectiveness of content, page design, and even advertising campaigns. Best of all, it’s a free service, so our web design Manchester team, highly recommend.

All You Need To Do Is Sign Up

Your page doesn’t need to be hosted with google to track analytics through the free service. Anyone can sign up for Google Analytics and begin tracking their website almost immediately. After signing up, you’ll need to take a small piece of code to add to your web-pages. This code is used by Google to capture information from your site while viewers are on your pages. Within a day you’ll be able to view detailed statistics about your website, helping you to improve your online presence around web content, social media strategy, page layout and overall design.

What Exactly Does Analytics Reveal? A Web Design Manchester Company Explains

The information that google provides for free is enough to build a strong picture of your audience, how they get to your site, and it will also show how you are faring with your social network presence.

Google will tell you information about your audience, helping you to develop your website, and improve areas of weakness. Analytics reveals such key information as;

  • How many views your site is receiving daily, and how many of these views come from unique visitors.
  • How long visitors spend on your pages.
  • The bounce rate of your visitors. This is an important figure that shows how many users viewed a page without going deeper in to your site. This information can help you to improve individual pages, streamline navigation and layout, or rework content to make your site more appealing.
  • How visitors arrived at your page. This is important for determining the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. You will be able to see which users came from advertising, who came from referral links on external pages, or even if they’ve followed links in emails or instant messaging.
  • Basic geographical information about your visitors.
  • Some social media statistics will be reported. You will be able to track how your page is trending across social media by analyzing tweets about your pages, Google + interactions, and Facebook Likes and Shares.
  • Other miscellaneous information such as how long users spent on your pages, details about the ISP of your users, and even which browsers your page is being viewed on.

Information Is Power

If you’re new to online marketing and website development, you might feel overwhelmed by all of the information provided in Google Analytics. However, that tiny piece of code provided by Google will be a key part of how you will optimise your online presence to make the most of your professional web page. Whether you’re just getting started online, or you’ve had a web page for a while and you’re trying to improve traffic and follow-up business, Google Analytics can help. Even if you’re not sure where to begin there is help for you. Blue Whale Media is a web design and SEO company that can ensure you get the most from your page and any of your data tools, including Google Analytics. Talk to our web design Manchester team today to find out how we can build you a web presence that can grow your business by leveraging off of one of your most valuable assets: your website.

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