Optimising Google My Business for Local SEO

Google my business (GMB) is a marketing tool which assists business owners to be able to manage their presence online all across the search engine. It helps to effectively market the business online, state the hours which you are open as well as provide specific directions to the location of your business for ease of reach by potential customers. For a new business SEO Warrington advice that making a listing is the best place to start and focus on. GMB involves a series of steps such as; the creation of an account, claiming of your business, verification process of the company and the business optimization process.

Advantages of Google My Business

SEO Warrington believes it is useful as far as cost is concerned. GMB is a free service on one of the world most powerful and frequently used search engine. This feature makes the business to be visible to a lot of potential customers, ease the communication and informs the customer the exact times which you operate to avoid missing you which can be very annoying sometimes.

Another advantage is the availability of a messaging function in the GMB listing. This feature enables the customer to communicate directly to the business and receive replies for questions asked or clarification on issues raised. The business owner is however required to turn on this feature in the GMB dashboard to start getting and sending messages.

Integration of videos on the service. The customers are able to see videos uploaded by business owners which are relevant to the venture. These videos have however been limited to only 30 seconds and can take up to a day before they appear on the GMB listing.

The business owners can describe their business and services which they provide. There is a 750 character allocated to the business owners where they can write about their business and give a brief insight into what to expect in their business.

There is also the provision of precise directions up to where your business is situated. This feature which has been coupled with Google Maps helps potential customers especially first-timers who have never been to that location before to arrive without the need to stop and ask for directions from strangers constantly.

Menus have been made available for restaurants. The business owners have access to menu editors which allows them to write or revise their menus which are displayed on the customer’s mobile devices. This function enables them to briefly describe what they are offering, the prices with which each offer comes with without the actual need of using a third party.

GMB also has a feature which shows locations were most of the searchers are requesting directions to your business. These heat maps show the popular areas where potential customers come from and can be an indicator of territories where you can potentially expand to.


SEO Warrington believes GMB has proved to be a very crucial tool especially for small businesses which are looking to market their products online. It improves reachability, communication, and the possibility of business success by a considerable margin and therefore should be adopted by small business globally.

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