Google Isn’t Always Popular

Google has been known for its advantage of providing us with reliable data, Google maps, the ability to showcase our businesses worldwide, among other advantages. However, Google may not be as popular with some. And in fact, some actions of Google have been taken with detest and even provoked protests. This is what happened when the US tech giant came up with plans to set up an incubator in Kreuzberg that was meant for startups. The plan met ferocious resistance from locals which made Google drop their plans. However, Google says that their decision to discontinue their plans was not as a result of the protests. Warrington Web Design says Google is the best for all businesses whether they are start-ups or successful one.

Google’s Plans

Google had planned to build an incubator in Kreuzberg for startups. This Berlin campus would be their seventh campus after Tel Aviv, Madrid, London, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Warsaw. However, the plan was met much resistance from protesters who were not for the idea. Anti-gentrification activists say that opposition from locals was the sole reason why Google had decided to abandon the idea. However, Google spokesperson Ralf Bremer denies this and says that opposition from locals had nothing to do with it. He told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper that Google does not allow protestors to dictate their terms.

Other tech companies such as the Warrington web design company view the protests were not as a result incompetence by Google but by factors attributed to their other activities that are not necessarily tech.

Cause of the protests

Many tech companies that include the Warrington web design company have come up society related projects but have not met resistance. This means that protests were not as a result of incompetence but rather, as a result, other side factors that needless to say, affected locals directly.

According to some protectors, Google was involved in heinous practices such as tax evasion and unethical use of personal data that Tech companies such as the Warrington web design also detest. Others were against gentrification in the area which they claim is exploitative.

According to knight fox property consultancy, between 2016 and 2017, home prices in Berlin had risen by 20%. House prices in Kreuzberg rose by 71 % within the same period.

Protestors were up against Google for such reasons that they claim affected them directly and were not ready to let them get any worse.

The Warrington web design specialists view protests as a right but also encourages people to focus on what best for them as were the intentions of Google.

Google’s Options

As Google dropped their ideas, they came up with new ones. Since they couldn’t implement their ideas, Google gave the site to local charities. Better place which is an online donation platform and Karuna which offers support to children in need are the groups that have benefited from Google’s decision to give out the site.

According to Ralf Bremer, It is after discussions with local humanitarian groups that the decision to give out the site was arrived at as a solution for the area, a move which the Warrington web design company supports.

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